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I've never been a fan of modifying the portaits. The one I use in game actually looks a fair bit like myself as a kid so I've no reason to change it. That's good work though. :)


My current avatar on the forum is a QR code. I've wanted to keep it a secret and let people figure out the message on their own but nobody cares enough to solve a mystery here. (some academagians... ;) ) but the hint of what it is, is all that you guys are getting. Its a secret after all. :)

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Shh! I won't tell tho, no worries.


On a more related note though, I'm happy to see any posted portraits . Not that the original is bad but variety is always welcome. (In most cases, I know I know, some times too many potential choices are a bad thing! - yes you stu--- multiple-choice test, I'm looking at you!)

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The best way (simplest if not the absolute easiest) to take them is manually by holding ctrl+PrtScn when the game is running a portrait you like. this loads your current screen in your clipboard and then you can paste it into MSpaint or something. As for editing, I'm no artist, so...

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Yes to replace a player portrait with one of these you need to navigate to the official content folder in your install folder ( \Academagia\OfficialContent\Resources ) and find the one with the correct name (using the search function I'd say) and open it in paint, then copy paste the image from this page into there (just right click and save as) then close paint and accept saving changes that way you don't change the format whatever it was.


Depending on college and gender the correct name is:

Aranaz Female Portraits

Avila Female Portraits

Durand Female Portraits

Godina Female Portraits

Hedi Female Portraits

Morvidus Female Portraits

Vernin Female Portraits

Aranaz Male Portraits

Avila Male Portraits

Durand Male Portraits

Godina Male Portraits

Hedi Male Portraits

Morvidus Male Portraits

Vernin Male Portraits


Finishing touch

Once you've done that it'll work unless your game has already loaded the old textures, to make it forget go to C:\ProgramData\Academagia\Cache and delete anything in there. Once it's empty the game will make a new version including your changes. Let me know if you've any trouble with it.

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Sorry for the posting in a longish dead thread, but I wanted to share the portrait I made for my Avila girl, Lilette Windsong.


..Her neck seems a tad long, but oh well! :3 Did a red-haired version too, since I always wanted to be a ginger.



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I used one of Glyndwr's edits (hope you don't mind) to make my own version of one of the Avila females. I used MS Paint cause it's the photo editor I kinda know how to use. It took me roughly five hours. I recoloured the pixels in the eyes INDIVIDUALLY. But after all that work I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME GET THE STUPID THING TO WORK! SOMEBODY HALPP! I'm totally tech illiterate so be sure to use small, non-frightening words. Also, if someone could edit the robes and backdrop so I could use her in any of the colleges, that would be awesome.


Anybody that wants to (and is able to) is free to use her.



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I'm afraid that before that portrait can be used you need to remove the white borders around it. I tested it, and ingame that exact file you posted, well, it doesn't work too well. Mind, that is something that in my experience Paint cannot do. I don't know what can and how, though.

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I'm not sure, I'm trying some stuff out right now in fact. I've actually managed to remove the white border with a program that is not Paint, but the game apparently still insists it's there. Maybe I did something wrong, I'm not sure.


Oh, and yes, I am clearing the game's cache like crazy here. That's not the issue.


EDIT: Got it! I actually got it to work. I'll post how in a minute here...

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Okay, so unless I did something horribly wrong this should work:

  1. Download this. It's the portrait sans white border. That link, BTW, is incredibly temporary, so if anyone knows where I can just upload the imagine straight-up it'd be appreciated.
  2. Make a backup of the file called "115bd84c-1b3c-4f92-8098-d4f727acdd05" in C:\Program Files (x86)\Academagia\OfficialContent\Resources. That's the player portrait that's going to go bye bye.
  3. Drop the downloaded portrait into that same folder and overwrite the existing file. Don't open it, don't add .png to it, just drop it in and overwrite.
  4. Go to C:\ProgramData\Academagia\Cache (ProgramData is a hidden folder) and delete everything inside that folder. Everything. Every last file. All of it. Don't delete the folder itself, just everything in it.

After that start up Academagia and things should (keyword: should) work.

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SUCCESS!! I edited the corners in GIMP and the new pic is working perfectly now. For the technologically challenged, like myself, I found a really easy to follow step-by-step guild to making corners transparent in GIMP.


Here's the link.



And here's the new shiny (well, actually less shiny) edit! With rounded corners for your viewing pleasure.



Just some minor tweaking. I noticed as I was playing that a chunk of her neck wasn't shadowed so I fixed that as well as a random white spot on her cheek. Also reduced some of the shine on her upper lip.

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