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So I got drawn back in, and decided to play as a Vernin character as I've yet to complete with any College save Aranaz.


I spent a few hours editing my new character:



She's a mix of these two:

aWAZ8Ke.png fcMY4qg.png


I restored the transparent edges and did a face/hair swap, eye color change and a nose job. I think it turned out quite well. :D

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Purely made an account just for this. I really wish I could capture that realistic art style that the artist already has so I can make it from scratch, but I'm afraid that my ability goes so far as anime semi-realism with a dash of fan service. So I just broke out photoshop and combined some characters for a Godina female character who is supposed to be the epitome of a battle mage. Hope you guys like it!

The hair supposedly doesn't match the feel of the game, but hell ombre hair is cute and badass.



she looks like a bieber with long hair...



I've also made an additional Morvidus character that can honestly go for either gender. Wanted to have that somewhat adrogynous look.


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Inspired by Dreamweaver's aranaz portrait, I decided to make a dark-skinned character. http://nottakenaway.deviantart.com/art/brownAvila-I-realize-that-deviantart-names-can-t-632953279

And then I didn't realize that she'd made a godina as well, but I made one of my own anyway, and I kind of like it better because she looks (slightly) stockier than the other girl. http://nottakenaway.deviantart.com/art/brownGodina-632951881


And then there is the portrait I modded to look like the one that is my avatar. Haven't uploaded it elsewhere yet.

edit: Here's the Morvidus girl. I decided to give her twin-tails. http://nottakenaway.deviantart.com/art/ElviraLuShayllt-in-Morvidus-635213700?ga_submit_new=10%253A1474222385


Another portrait! I was itching for a Durand redhead, even though it clashes horribly with the uniform, so I did it! http://nottakenaway.deviantart.com/art/Redhead-of-Durand-662378661?ga_submit_new=10%3A1486597297 As a plus, she doesn't look so bad.



Something less original: Aranaz, the bob girl. I hardly did anything to her, but the difference is supreme: instead of a super evil malicious expression, her face is gleefully benign and innocent. So if you want a goody-goody Aranaz (or one that's better at acting than the super-obviously-a-villain haha) then here's the edit: http://nottakenaway.deviantart.com/art/Aranaz-Girl-Choice-1-671952551?ga_submit_new=10%3A1490905709

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