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Calligraphy Adventure Curiosity Exit


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You know that adventure where Sixt von Rupprecht gives a really nasty quiz to the Calligraphy students? The one with the enchanted booklet that promises nasty things for every incorrect mark on its pages?


I flipped through the options three times looking for "Curiosity: Scrawl wildly over the page". I mean, seriously. I was itching for it. Luck+Curiosity. Make it vs some crazy number for good measure. Pass the check... and the adventure immediately aborts in grand style as you deliberately set off every curse in the quizbook, garnering yourself a point of Glory (and a great deal of stress and injury) and the disfavor of Sixt von Rupprecht as badly injuring one of his students gets him reprimanded by the rest of the faculty. Maybe it could even have later-year repercussions. Oh, and throw a bonus skill level in Pure Luck in there just for good measure. Or better yet, a skill level maximum in Pure Luck.


Fail the check and you don't manage to power through enough of the curses to make that kind of impact. No glory, the Professor is irritated at you, and you still get a bit injured (if not as much). Should probably reset the adventure step instead of advancing it.

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