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Make most Heritage Background to a flaw because of the long travel time you have that shorten your summer break and because you have no access to anything from Mineta (i.e. the Sphinx) trough the complete summer break in year 2. Update: 05.01.2015 Now also called Heritage in the mod selection.


Bwahaha! Yup, you're definitely flawed if you grew up anywhere but Mineta! In that case shouldn't people who start out in Mineta (with no points in heritage) begin with 1 less background point for the great Honor and privilege of living in a city so close to the Academagia then, In effect Making Mineta itself cost a point. That seems more balanced.

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Current I making a cheat mod using "Work Until You Drop" what is not intended to be balanced.

First of all the Background Prodigy: Curiosity was changed for costing 1 point to giving 1 point also I made a major change to Work Until You Drop.

The Ability now give 1 Step to a School Survival SS of choice, 1 level to a Random Research SS, 1 Level to a Study of choice, 2 Random Research increased by 1 each and 1 step increase with a random Professor, while still keep the cost of 2 Stress.


Yes the Action lost a bit of its flexibility but in return becomes easier to use because the Study is no longer random and increasing Research Topics is at last for me something I neglect so far in my games. Over all it now became very Research and Library focused and I think the Professor love to see students who focus on research and study to the point of exhaustion.

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