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Saving is Deleting?


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I am not sure what happened and I do not remember what I was doing, but I do remember attempting to save on one of my savefiles. I alt-tabbed to check on something else, and when I came back, I noticed that savefile wasn't there. Confused, I assumed I hit the delete button by accident, and then attempted to create a new file. It was loading for a very short amount of time, and when it was done, the new savefile didn't appear. Irritated, I attempted to save over a throwaway file, but it deleted that too. I proceeded to quit and then reopen the game; the savefiles were still gone, but I could save again.


I am confused as to what could possibly caused it; does anyone have any idea? And if not, here's a weird new thing to be worried about.

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I am guessing that you use Vista? :(


There is a known issue related to save games on Vista which we have never been able to solve. To get around it, you will need to keep more than one save, and rotate between them as frequently as you can. You can tell when the save game corruption issue has happened as the save will occur really quickly. When that happens, you will want to quit out of the game, and then load your other save.


Alternatively, continuing to play can sometimes clear up the issue on its own- you'll need to keep trying to save periodically to determine when or if you are able to save.


We really apologize that we don't have better news on this issue- we've been able to isolate it to a component of .NET; but why it behaves differently on Vista versus 7 or XP, we have never been able to explain. :(

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