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Linux Version?


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It's possible to publish the game for both Mac and Linux, but the trouble is that there are graphical issues that we do not have the expertise in correcting. :(


We're still looking at it (especially for the Mac), but right now we're only comfortable releasing on PC for that reason.


No chance you're looking for outside help, is there? I'm a decent Python/Linux coder, and might be able to figure out where the problems are coming from... I would likely be willing to donate the time to help debug, and would freely sign a basic contract donating the results in full. (Already bought the game, too... was just trying to hack together a working Linux version, and found that it really needed to happen at the packaging stage.)


EDIT: As a note - I bought it for my Windows machine at home, and wasn't expecting a Linux build. But I'm on the road, with a Linux laptop, so I thought I might as well try!

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Wow looks like the success the Linux and Mac users haved at Kickstarter in requesting ports now even brought the curage to ask at the devloper forums for this ^^.


Actually, I wouldn't have asked - but I happened to notice that the game is essentially platform-independent, since Ren'Py (the engine) is written in Python explicitly to be platform-independent. With some debugging, no reason it shouldn't run on Linux - so I offered to help!

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