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New Orleans--


Sadie: Probably even of a lower quality then the one's dad used to play at home (Anna's adventure in New Orleans, 1st underlined word should be 'than', 2nd should be 'one' or 'ones')


Jazz Musician: Sure, Vivant may be able to hear a whisper or two from the spirit world, pass down from her grammy, I'll wager. ('passed')


Soup Vendor: No, no, not all. (should be 'not at all', in response to Sadie asking if he burned himself with his soup)


Sadie and Ahmose creep from crypt to crypt, drawing closer to a chanting sound, until they come to a round space with walkways of radiating out of it. (doesn't say what kind of walkways)


The old witch throws some powder on the fire and it roars up, driving Ahmose back and singing his arm. (should be 'singeing')


?: Kind of you, but there are still three crazed witches about to call a coven done on us. (should be 'down', I think Ahmose said it but I'm not sure)


Clyde: Not git, before that coven breaks out and starts searchin' in earnest. (should be 'Now git')


Waitress: Old Clyde passed on several year back. ('years')


Newspaper: I hear over the last few days the newspapers in New Orleans have been received letter after letter from anonymous sources claiming that Sadie is cavorting with the Undead... ('have received' or 'have been receiving'?)

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New York--


Sadie: Add to that 'the Hero of Alexandria,' India... except, no, Alexander certainly wasn't cotemporaneous with the Mughals. ('contemporaneous')


The crowded room is piled high with fake clay tables, loops of heavy costume jewelry, masks, and lengths of some shapeless robes. (I think it should be 'tablets'?)


Sadie opens the diary and places on the Professor's desk. ('places it on')


Evelyn: I've never lovelier roses ('never seen lovelier', from Easter with Aunt)





A room away, Zul al Zan shoves the front door open; he staggers in, followed by the a wide array of soldiers and thugs. (should be just 'a')


Rudeger: It's the fruit of the your parents' research, Sadie - I see no reason why it shouldn't be part of the Keating Collection. (shouldn't be there)


Diary: Just when I thought I had figured out all the double, triple, and quadruple crosses between Zul al Zan and Marcel's crews, it turns out there's another bag guy in the mix: Professor Blake was the one who waylaid Roland, and it sounds like he's after the colony as well. ('bad')


Newspaper: Friends, I hear Sadie Keating is living the great dream of the film age, galavanting about the mysterious Orient with a dashing criminal shiek (or two!), a French rogue in pursuit, and a haughty German beauty competing for the spotlight. ('gallivanting' and 'sheik')

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In the Egypt part, I made the Roland adventure after the Evelyn one, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the dialogue between Sadie and Dr. Blake at the beginning takes into account the conclusion of the Evelyn adventure. However, after the first conversation Dr. Blake goes away but still says some introductory phrases (which are the beginning of Roland adventure without having concluded the Evelyn one) that sound pretty disjointed... is there a way to make a smoother transition to give more sense to the introduction?


By the way, speaking about Roland, I don't remember the details well but I had the feeling that there is some incongruence in Egypt here and there - something like Sadie is surprised to see him when she actually already met him, or similar... is it my bad memory or it can be?

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Sadie: ... You were the only one who talked archeology with me day and night. (spelling)


Diary: You must not entire the chamber in the empty place. ('enter')


Sadie: Er, sorry, but... I really have no idea how I got here, then I find a lost city in a underground cavern, and THEN I find some random stranger in the deepest basement I've ever seen. ('an')


Diary: Like today, I was wondering around the streets of Bergama, and I got utterly, completely lost. ('wandering')


Diary: I asked the state of Asclepius, god of healing, why I was having all these visions, but as expected, he didn't answer. ('statue')


Diary: That boy is very inconsiderate, invading my archeological moments like this! (spelling)


Sadie: Why did it stayed hidden for so many years? ('stay')


Still, there enough intact items to set any archaeologist's heart racing. ('there were enough' or 'there are enough'?)


She shakes her head and prepares to enters the room, when a rumble shakes the earth and sets the ancient scrolls to rattling. ('enter')

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Thanks, I'll give the comments to the Team. I'm not sure about Roland- I didn't myself note any incongruencies in my play through, but there are many paths...:)


Dr Blakes gives you the response after you do the horse caper with evelyn and he also gives you the response for if you have not done that caper.

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Hmmm, I thought...well. No matter, I'll send it over to the Team, just in case. :)


See there is one with Sadie and Prof Blake on Roland path IF you have completed the quest with Evelyn already.

There is also one on Roland path in the tomb between Sadie and Roland.


So tech there is two on that path but the first is dependant on the order you do your capers.

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Sadie: Look... (hands him the paper) it's at least three day's drive. ('days'')


Sadie: Hands keeps pointing beneath the seat... ('keep')


Lorelei: Then we sent one, measly report with a rubbing of the tablet engravings and the sponsor's breathing down our necks! (comma shouldn't be there)


Sterling: We're just the broad idea, people, Sadie! (comma shouldn't be there)


Sadie: Lore was right, I bet this a Byzantine-era cache, post-Pergamon, but... a lot of these sources are a lot older. ('this is a')


Sadie: (gesture for him to follow her onto the platform) --- (should be 'gestures')



New York--


It's my birthday tomorrow, and as such a whole slew of present and cards have arrived from all over the world. ('presents')




And I finished the game! I guess I'll wait till a new patch is released before I play another round. :)

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