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Inconsistent time passing?


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Ok, so this shouldn't bother me, but it does! I'm trying to figure out how much time various things take to happen, and things seem wildly inconsistent. So a detailed example from very early game to help explain my confusion.


June 24th, evening. If I select the first step in "The Serpent Empire" adventure, I go through that step, and then get a few thought bubbles afterwards, showing time passing on the next day presumably because I'm in class and have no choice what I'm doing. 3 time periods pass, and my next choice is June 25th evening.


However, if instead of doing that, I go say, teach Aunt Evelyn to dance (because hey, she's awesome, but a bit out of touch), only 2 time periods pass, and my next choice is June 25th, afternoon.


Doing that same Serpent Empire step on some other day seems to only take one time period.


So I can't tell if this is not working as intended, or if it's some bizarre way to min-max the time periods you have available to you (that I won't be able to resist!).


Edit: Bit more further checking. Any "adventure step" done in that evening (or other evenings that week) seem to cause 3 time periods to pass until the next day. Any skill/inspiration action seems to only cause 2, and then allow you to squeeze an "adventure step" into the afternoon period the next day and only take up 1 time period. This MIGHT have to do with some of the auto-events this week (meeting various characters), but I'm sure it can't be intended.

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This is actually a result of how the auto-events function- I'd say: min/max away! :)


Can I suggest that the techy type people really try to find a way to fix it? It's not so bad with the above example, but it cascades if there a few close events. Example (Note: Some minor spoilers regarding July gameplay, don't read if you don't wanna know anything!)


The schedule for things on July 9 to 11 looks about like this: (Open means you can take an action, Closed means you can't)


July 9 Morning: Open

July 9 Afternoon: Closed, Event.

July 9 Evening: Open

July 10 Morning: Open, Event

July 10 Afternoon: Closed, Event

July 10 Evening: Open

July 11 Morning: Open, Event


So not counting the morning, there are 4 time periods you should be able to Do Something.

If you adventure on the morning of the 9th, the event on the afternoon of the 9th triggers, causing the skipping of the evening of the 9th. This pushes you to the morning of the 10th, which triggers an event, cutting out the open period for that morning. This triggers the event on the afternoon of the 10th, cutting the open period in the evening. Triggering the morning of the 11th, cutting that open period...


So one adventure just took up 5 time slots. And most of 3 days.


Please pass to the team that this isn't a minor bug. It means you can utterly destroy your chances of success for not using meta-game knowledge to avoid adventuring on certain days. I'm not trying to be harsh, I'm loving this game. I've got my own private wiki-on-a-spreadsheet going, I like it so much. :) Just... want it to be the best it can.

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