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Q. What is the target audience of Scheherazade?

A. Simply put, if you like to read, chances are you will like this game. Great writing, witty, and whimsical. Is it meant for just women? No. Does it have romance in it? Yes. We like to think it has everything. And if you are a parent, it is kid-safe.


Q. Is Scheherazade gameplay as difficult as Academagia?

A. We don't think so, so don't be afraid to try it. If you have any worries and prefer a casual experience, we highly recommend playing on EASY level. We've had several first-time gamers try Scheherazade and their feedback was that it was pretty intuitive.


Q. How do I know when I fail in the game?

A. The only place you can fail in Scheherazade is at Obstacles. If the choice you select has fewer points than the difficulty points (as shown in the heart icon), then you have failed. Only some adventures/capers require you to succeed before continuation of that particular adventure. However, I do believe you can finish the Main capers without winning any obstacles, but your ending and character stats won't obviously be as good. ;)


Q. What's up with your demo?

A. We currently have a demo on Spoon, but there have been reports of performance issues. We are not sure due to what, but we are currently in the process of making our own, which will allow you to play up to Egypt. Please check system requirements as listed on the website. We finally have a standalone demo out! :) Click here to download a free demo via Desura.

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