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So I went to http://www.scheherazadegame.com/ because I loved Academagia, and want to support your studio and its works! I wanted to buy the game directly from you, making sure most my money is going to, well, you of course! But your link didn't provide me with enough "clear" information, after all I'd like to make sure I'm a buying a direct download and not a mail order product or some such silliness. I'm not right? :) So there you have it I'm keeping my money where it is, digitally speaking, until you clean up your site! :) Thanks, and your effort is appreciated! Great intelligent games!

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Not to worry, it is a digital download- if you click on 'Buy from Us' on the right hand side, you'll have the option to buy the game digitally (and get a CD, if you prefer.)


If that answered your question? :)


Looks like it was quickly resolved B)


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