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I've no idea if any ideas in a thread like this will be useful or workable, but in any case, it seems like a fun thing to do. So let's try thinking of some ideas for spells (or even general frameworks and types of spells) that might be neat to see in a future year of Academagia (or in a very similar game.) Obviously, this is mostly ignoring engine limitations (or speculating about future years or derivative games that might have a different / enhanced engine.)


Some general thoughts...


One thing that would be interesting to see would be some spells that last indefinitely or until they're dispelled. This would solve part of the problem I have with spellcasting (most of the bonuses are temporary, and most of the other actions you can take provide permanent bonuses.) This might require a few other mechanics for balance -- making it harder to enchant someone who is already heavily-enchanted, or adding a chance of a backlash or of side-effects for having too many spells on you, or events that might remove such effects.


Possibly spells that require material components would also be interesting -- it might just make a spell feel more 'magical' if you have to get an eye of newt and a wing of bat somewhere to cast it.


I mentioned this elsewhere, but it'd be neat if the game supported the addition of other actors aside from students and teachers capable of taking action. Some of these could have scripts for what actions they take; others might be controlled by the player through the control screen. So you could, say, summon a giant spider that goes around biting people of a particular clique until they deal with it. These could be abstracted out without actual actors, but using actual actors would also make many offensive spells and actions more useful. Of course, this could be used for things other than magic, too (having janitors and the like exist in the school might be useful for some things.)


It might be interesting if magical effects or some sorts of actors could block off specific rooms, making them unusable for everyone. So, for instance, you could cast a spell to fill the Incantation classroom with stinking clouds for several days, resulting in classes being canceled; or target it at a library so nobody can use it. Or, perhaps, a spell that gives the room a soothing aura so anyone who uses it in the next few days loses 1 stress, etc.

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Great suggestions!


A few notes:


1) You won't see enchants of the Duration you are talking about for some time- sustaining that Duration is very difficult. As Schwarzbart notes, Spells can have long term effects, but not necessarily in the way that you are thinking- in Years 1 & 2, at any rate. :)


2) Spells do not require material components, but you'll get plenty of 'eye of newt' if you decide to pursue Enchantment or Artificing/Potions.


3) We'd love to have other actors in the way that you suggest- that will increasingly grow important as the years go along. Year 2, however, has some abstract off-campus actors, but not very influential.


4) That's a great idea, and was originally part of the Year 1 Design. We'll see if it returns. :)

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Ha, I should have known that thinking of something that hasn't already been considered would be almost impossible, given the game's size and depth! But that's all cool to hear.


Is it possible to manipulate time with magic in Academagia's world? Could there be a spell to travel back in time to the beginning of the week, or to make the weekend last longer, or similar things? (Obviously balance-wise those would need significant limitations, but I'm curious if it's metaphysically possible in the setting and what sort of magic it would fall under.)

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Can't I hire a bodyguard or a buttler or something? I guess the campus people wouldn't want me to bring people to the school... there was something about restriction and special marks or something...


I guess I'll have to "aquire" the services of other students to do the tedious work for me.... Either a Caligraphy invitation to cleam my room, do my laundry and help me carry my books and junk.. Or Mastery.


It would be nice with some extra less beneficial for the victim actions for controlled people or creatures...


How about using mastery on a bully to make it extory moeny and candy for you then it gets the blame and you get the spoils and noone would belive the bully since those things are something that they do on a daily basis anyway..


Bully: "But it wasnt me! It must have been mastery!"

Professor: "Was it mastery last week aswell? Or the weeks prior to that?!"

Bully: "... No, but.. but..

Professor: "Detention and 50 demerits for blaming illegal magic!"

Bully: "But... nevermind..."

Professor: "That's better, I think were making progress!"

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