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Scheherazade - Not Compatible with

Legate of Mineta

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INSTRUCTIONS: Extract zip contents and copy/paste into your "[install Path]\Scheherazade\game" folder. When installing, be sure to replace your files!


This Patch corrects these issues:


1) Corrected a crash issue in Felix Australia

2) Corrected an Action issue in Turkey

3) Explained a few logical inconsistencies

4) Improved the rewards in Australia

5) Typos were tinkered with

6) Character flashing between different sprites removed


...thanks to the following adventurer who raised awareness of this issue:




Matthew Rees




You can get the Patch here:




Includes previous fixes:

  • Corrected a crash issue in Cappadocia
  • Minor Events are now much more well behaved with respect to time
  • Claudia has decided to no longer cause a crash when giving a present
  • Several typos were corrected
  • Minor Scenes now have Journal Entries
  • Attributes and Skills now have proper Descriptions
  • Dr. Tello now stays kidnapped a little better

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