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Any update on DLC 15?


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No, not more specific yet. I learned my lesson about the timing. :)


As to the subject...well, it's pretty cool. :)


You're a big stinkin' meanie, Legate :P Is it an Academagia 2? Please say it is. I'm pretty tapped out on funds at the moment, but if you're able to get a Kickstarter that lasts to December/January, I believe I can scrounge up a few bucks here and there B)

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Hahaha! Holidays in the U.S. means from Thanksgiving to the New Year.


Our KickStarter, though, should be launching very soon, perhaps at the same time as DLC 15!


That's yhe famous trademark soon, yes? Good, by then I should have like 7 years seniority, so I should get paid enough to help fund the kickstarter! Smart move, team (I have a kickstarter problem anyway, it's a bit addicting. Have you guys seen the Obsidian campaign? it's mind blowing).

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