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Random Event Library of the Mantle of Stars



"...While they argue, you're free to look around - and this place is more interesting than any lecture. You've got night-black walls, perfect silence, candles flickering in the air around you, and every so often..."



I thought the Academagia's libraries did not like fire since they had magical alternatives. Or is that only the venacilium?

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I am starting to worry I'm delaying the dlc with every typo now... :(


What Magic is Made Of, by Chestro Sentor IX


'"Negation is not a complete undoing of a given spell, though. An inferno caused by a fire spell will not be completely erases."

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Well, yeah, but if one constantly needs to redirect time and energy from whatever to keep correcting a single letter...


My patience meter is maxed out so I worry. :P



lore" Professor Monetario - Instructor of Geometry"


"...These students are known to fastidious, and brilliant."


known to be fastidious, and brilliant. eh? :)

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Just glad to help.



Tale of Element Master Gavis X


"The armies of the Empire and Enlightenment clashed on the nineth day."



as a suggestion, for Y2 have you considered writing some lores on the player character based on their accomplishments in Y1? I know it'd be a pain, but after reading all the lores on the other students, I think it would increase the immersion of the PC into the world's lore.

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*cough* wh... *gag* what....? erhem... I mean, I have no idea of that which you are implying regarding my choice in reading material, whilst proofreading for the sake of the benefit of the whole student body! -_-


But seriously, that *place* is in the Midnighter's cave, isn't it? :D


"A fantastic cave, beneath the Academagia. A waterfall courses at one end..."


"I have seen it--let me tell you! Although if anyone should know, it would be my death, so you shall keep my secret for me. The old museum exists, past the waterfall, deep in the cave, dug down into the earth..."

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That figures. :rolleyes:


*scribbles down something on his to-do list for Y2.*


Well, maybe you can help me with something else here. It is my understanding that the Academagia itself is at the very least a thousand years old, yeah?


In the collection of lores titled "Gardens of Academagia" it basically says that some of the first students were the ones responsible for planting a lot of the trees, (in #2)


Next, in #4 we have "For two hundred and thirty years the tree flourished, providing the campus with everything it wanted in the way of beauty and sustenance. All this changed, though, when Lucasto Hirney enrolled in Academagia."


in #6, we have "The professors were called out immediately, and ran around campus fighting plant attacks off as quickly as they could. Meanwhile, Orso Orsi and a small group of his most trusted professors hatched a way to stop the plants without destroying the entire system."


Orso Orsi was the headmaster back then? surely some of the math here doesn't add up.

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well, it's specifically referring to the tree called old master.


"One of their first acts, and their most lasting, was to plant the Old Master tree in the middle of the garden"


"Orso and his group of professors went to Old Master and surrounded the tree"

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