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DLC 15 Bugs


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The Towed Island 01, exit 2 (hide)



"As Professor [instructor]Instructor/Selection of Instructor/Contzel Ringraeyer rifles through the papers in his/her drawer, you watch anxiously for any sign that s/he suspects that there is someone in his/her office. It feels like an eternity before she gets to her feet, picking up a few of the papers as she does so, and heads out the door. You let out a breath that you did not know you were holding and wait a few seconds before you quietly creep out of the wardrobe."




There ought to be actor links there instead, yes?

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Just to clarify, that issue for The Towed Island 01, exit 2 (hide)


is in both the success AND failure text.


"You peer through the crack in the door and watch her sweep into the office, dropping a pile of papers onto his/her desk as s/he plops into his/her chair."

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Palette Connoisseur's Guide to Palettes I


As the title of my tome suggests, I am a connoisseur of palettes, so it is most difficult for a palette enthusiast of my statue to explain what one his.


The Art of Chirurgey


"The art of chirurgey can relive the most abominable maladies"


Regnault Pachait


"He wrestle lions and fed baby gorillas. Why there is even a rumor going round that he has petted a dragon! That takes some guts, if it were true."


lore' Reddere Curse ' is empty

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Reign of The Puppet Strings, by Ellia Zeehl


"With the incorporation of Mastery within the realm of politics, it was only a matter of time before irreversable damage would be inflicted. Diplomats all over abused the power that corrupted what was once a noble if naive notion.

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Changing Values



"There is an illegal use of glamour that you only hear in whispers and hushed voices. Turning water into expensive win and rocks into gold coins is not permitted but it gets done more often than you would like to think.






"Red = You will not be successful.

Orange = It will be difficult for you to succeed.

Black = Your chance of success is 50%.

Blue = Succeeding should be easy, although not guaranteed.

Green = You shall succeed without fail.




Wolves in human clothing 05


Arcanus explained that their was a territory of raw, arcane power within our territories and, if we’d permit him and his tribes to build a full settlement there, that they’d have enough power to topple the might of even the triad, with our support.

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action 'Examine Unusually Heavy Rock'



You decide to examine the Unusually Heavy Rock that fell on your head. Yes, it’s caked with mud and appears to be just a rock, but you’ve got a hunch it’s something more that that.



GRRRR!! So many typos! :angry:

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Professor Ringraeyer - Instructor of Glamour

"Professor Contzel Ringraeyer has a different kind of dedication. Here dedication to the social scene is incredible. She keeps on all the latest fashions, knows all the gossip, and can correctly greet every type nobility from minor barons to kings and queens.



- Plaque with The Hall of the Professors"

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Amanda Kiffer's Familiar - Bira - Soothing can only target Vernin Students according to the text but my Avila Char was recently target of this.

So text or targeting is wrong here.


Crude Map to the Hidden City is flagged as item-type Map but there is no Map slot in the inventory.

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I'm not hunting them, I swear!




Random Event Awesome Community 28 exit 3 (running) failure text


"Covering your facem you run as fast as feet would allow, given that your socks make the floor rather slippery.




Random Event Awesome Community 20


He's never been this mad at you before - but then again, he's also never been fluorescent pink either. Serves him right for swiping carmels out of your wardrobe. He should have checked for traps too, not just wards.




I've played a new Hedi character with secrets and silence, and family heritage for Schohanwicht. (and did special summoning.) Stress minimum was still 0 after all that, not 2.... (also when performing the summon, it says "you increased your by 1" (I raised finesse but it could affect raising all attributes.))


Also, I suspect there is a problem with the ravenprix adventure. I'm not sure what the step is called in the modtools but it's "the head librarian" in the game. The brew exit is blue yet after nearly ten attempts I suspect it may call upon a different skill. I know its possible I just got unlucky but...


With this same character I reached research gates pheme to 10 but despite the game telling me that the skill max was increased the skill max is still decidedly at 10. it was only later in the game that it truly was unlocked.

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