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A couple things.

  1. None of the Vitality increasing phemes seem to ever work, even when attached to spells I specifically designate to target myself (never mind spells that target the PC by default).
  2. The spell "Revising Wellness" can't be cast, in fact you can never validate your orders for a day it is set as an action as best I can tell. It has an entry for "Remove emotional status" that can't be filled out as best I can tell (the normal way to expand and select items in a drop down isn't available). The spell description doesn't indicate it should have anything to do with emotional status anyway so it's probably entirely in error.
  3. "Shade Bond Adventure 01" checks your familiar's brute strength (presumably because Shade Bond Adventure 0 is incorrectly marked as a familiar adventure). The rest of this chain checks your skills and the story describes you as throwing the punch in question.
  4. Secondly the brute strength exit in "Shade Bond Adventure 01" grants you the Bond of Iron expansion rather than your familiar that expansion, so it isn't useful at all as you don't have a Bond skill.

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Random Event Theft 2 - The wrestling exit incorrectly assigns you detention rather than Joana on success. So instead of the three thieves getting detention, You, Philippe, and Vettor get detention and Joana gets off!


Pheme: Even - Has "DELETE - Odd" as an opposition pheme.


Skill perks "Inform Lore 7" and "SP VIII" are the same text in the Voice subskill, though with different titles.


Ability: Dream Scout - This always succeeds. It has a 40% success rate in the mod tools but doesn't have a roll so it succeeds by default (check out how the "Academagia Public Practice Room #4" ability is set up, as that works perfectly). It looks like success rate only kicks in after failing a roll. So without a roll or with an easy roll it always succeeds.


Action: Hypnotize - This is broken in a similar way as "Dream Scout". In this case a contested roll exists that isn't described in the text that pits the PC's Charm+Mastery Methods against the NPC's Insight+Perception. Since the PC is usually vastly better statistically than the NPC the roll succeeds and the chance of success is meaningless. If the NPC is stronger then it kicks in and if the PC is so inferior that the NPC always win's the role Hypnotize will then have a 50% success rate. i.e. success rate only kicks in if the PC fails a role. I'm guessing failure rate works the opposite. This is why someone else reported never failing at Hypnotize in the thread on controlling students.

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A couple fairly minor things from the Shade familiar based abilities:


Ability: Icy Breath - Description doesn't describe the role required (Initiator Rhetoric+Charm vs. Danger Sense+Insight, without bonus or penalty)


Ability: Fade at Will - Shares the issue with Dream Scout from my last post. I do kind of think the benefit here isn't nearly good enough to warrant a 40% success rate, so I don't really mind it as it is but it definitely doesn't work as described.


Also a weird shop, not necessarily and error but maybe worth looking at:


"Tikandara of the Ulmenth (Shop)" - Only sells 1 item a Bow. As this is the Archery - 8 reward it's pretty underwhelming as the catalog you get at Archery - 4 (from the same merchant) has a fair number of cool items for archery.

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Haha, I'm sure.


Ability: Serve Food at the Travelers' Society - The description of the ability and the location that hosts it suggests that there should be a 2 point expansion to stress, but it's not in the coding for the ability.


Holiday [The Pellae]- Call for expert help exit leads to a Schoolyard Education Skill minimum increase, which is likely supposed to be a step expansion.

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Pheme: Pierce - This is described as adding the effect "penetrated" Looking in the mod tools it appears that in the effects tab there is simply a placeholder (i.e. it's named but it makes no references). It's possible this is hard coded and not really "viewable" via the mod tools so it may be working, but as I can't find any other references to that effect or what it does I thought I'd mention it at least. Out of curiosity can you tell us what it's meant to do - or is it something we'll learn more about in Y2?

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small spelling error

Lore: 'Accurances of Rimbal and Players' - Many exxagerate the happenings of the game


Lore: 'Adria and Jaxon' - Not spelling and maybe I'm just confused :P But, the woman (and princess) of the story, Adria was the one marrying Jaxon I think. But at some point she is referred to as 'Ionia' instead. Unless she married under a different name I think it is a mistake.



I have a feeling who was redacted in, 'An Excerpt from Mastery User Survival Guide Page 5' ! - No, no mistake (that I caught). Just thought I would share it!

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Grim Occurrence 03 - "Ssssimply place your fingers upon me and say, 'I ssstand with thee, and pledge by the mark of Umbrius Caius Abominatus, Saint of the Wrathful and the Cruel, to give thee door and anchor an thou dost serve the shape of my will.” The "an" in red is probably supposed to be "and" and the opening single quote is never closed making the oath's end ambiguous (and if it doesn't coincide with the sentence end very different).

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Ah, thanks- I'll send this along!


Also there are a couple other steps in this chain the oath appears and the same 2 points are true there too. Those are steps 02 and 07.


The Restless Temple 02 - “As a child I used for fight the other kids, it was fun.” "For" should be "to".


The Restless Temple 02 - "... not just past through him." Here past should be pass.

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The Restless Temple 05 - "you made your every own wardstone" "Every" should be "very" instead.


Watcher Adventure 03A - The exit for deceit refers to Professor Sido as Side. This is the actual exit option, not the text that plays once you choose it.


The Restless Temple 07 - "you can fain see the other ghosts" "fain" should be "faintly" instead.


The Restless Temple 07 - "that a huge copra snake " "copra" should be "cobra" probably.


The Restless Temple 07: Exit Negation - "but Cyril and Zanni is locked" "is" should be "are".

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