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Sadie happily teaches the car how to fox trot. Roland, increasingly paralyzed by terror, leaves her alone.

Rolland-- You did that on purpose, admit it!

Sadie-- You mean I wasn't obvious enough?

-- Main Adventure Australia.


LoL that still cracks me up every time I read that!!! ;)

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Yeah there are some really funny moments in the game. Kudos to the writers. I'm also a fan of Kheper - any scene with him is good.


Another of my favorites is the 'Trafalgar Square' incident when you're helping Anna with the anonymous letter and get ambushed by pigeons and Roland comes up with a plan:


Roland: In the name of the King --- CHARGE! :lol:

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Nigel is so bad at deceit, it is funny. His rich person impersonation:


"Now you're on the trolley, my good man."

"I am far too busy being eccentric with my menagerie to stroll the streets with the common folk. Indeed."


Oh well, at least Sadie will always be able to tell when he is lying.

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Sadie talking with Roland about Sterling hair in Australia: Oh dear. It's like a... cherry-colored octopus is wrestling with his head.


Roland: I thought the Brylcreem slogan was, 'A little DAB'll do ya,' not the whole jar!


LoL laugh.gif


Haha Sterling's hair is a bit out there. He'll need a hat if he ever wants to go unnoticed.

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