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Hehe I have been on it since patch 3 came out hehe I was expecting something different... But I can imagine where this is going. Surely I am wrong...I hope... I am thinking Christmas for some reason but why I have no clue why he would do that, other than it you refer back to Sterling and Australia And Nigel says something before the trip there. Errr ok I am confused but that is alright.....

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So, I've gotten through most of the guys now. Kudos to the writing team for such a loveable and fun cast of characters!


Felix - my OTP for Sadie, tbh. I'm a sucker for best friends falling in love, and they really have a connection. The Turkey adventure was especially sweet, aww. And if you play the Sterling storyline, I like how he pops up there and seems jealous. I just would have liked to see more of Sadie and Felix actually dating - hopefully in 1932!


Sterling - Other than Felix, seems to be the guy most in love with Sadie. He's such a romantic. I totally laughed out loud at the part where he

hires the violin player to stay there every day in case Sadie drops by.



Ahmose - Kheper is hilarious! I love his commentary. This one is kind of slow to start off, understandably, but I do like it once Ahmose starts trusting Sadie more and develops a sense of humor.


Roland - I felt really bad for him after the India adventure. Poor guy. It's cool meeting the underworld characters in his storyline though - I love Viktor! And I'm really curious now what the impacts of

having the Ankh will be in 1932.



Nigel - I'm partway through Nigel's now. Hmm. I'm not big on teacher/student stuff so I like that

Sadie gets the TA position and isn't really his student any more.

But his jealousy issues are offputting.



In general though, the guys are pretty awesome in general, and I love how all their different adventures give you different perspectives on the events and the people you meet! And I love all the Christmas/VDay/Easter capers so far.

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Can I get a bit of help with Felix? I'm doing my runthrough with him and my dream is only at 53 even though we just got back from New Orleans. I'm worried that I won't be able to get to 100 by the end, and I'm pretty sure I missed something since I can't find his next New York event. Any tips?


Edit: Question retracted! I reached 100 dream and finished my run. Now I just have to get my Nigel and Family runs done and I'll have gotten all the 100 dream endings!

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