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Just learned something interesting of the time we play in.

First of all be a member of a city meant freedom but at last in Bavaria the saying "Go to Munich" also haved the meaning making his/her last will around the time we play!

The reason for this was the fare spread of all kind of diseases in the centers of urbanisation.


Ohh and poor Helpax so CJ have to come up with some special treatment for him again.

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Magi you know


Libellus -


Meles of Bjornaer

Jonaquil of Merenita

Lucidia of Flambeau

Gregorius of Bonisagus

Archmagus Stephen Eruditus of Jerbiton


(and the grog Edith)


They are allied with Voluntas




Desiderius the Necromancer of Verditius

Corvus the Crow of Bjornaer

Covenant leader Julia of Jerbiton


Semitae - unaligned


Gerfallon of Criamon, who speaks in riddles

Vanasalus of Criamon, who idolizes everything Gerfallon says, but understands none of it

Junius of Verditius, who gave you a wagon to sleep in and helped feed you.


Ungulus - alignment unknown


Viator, an ancient Gifted Mercere


Blackthorn, enemies of Voluntas


Iudicium, Presiding Quaesitor

Talion of Flambeau, the Praeco of the Tribunal

Golias of Tytalus


Burnham - alignment unknown


Caitlin Ex Miscellanea, who encouraged you to flee.

Schola Pythagoranis - unaligned, maybe!


Edward of Milton, MASTER of APPRENTICES at TRIBUNAL!! ;)


I'll have to do the rest later :)

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Helpax decided to take Gustbran with him!


Btw just want to mention that today I nearly hit the point to post here the decision to leave this round as it simply get to confusing and to much politic for me.

(beside that the Player still think that all the Chars are already dead from what happend and there is not realy anything that can save them now)

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Have replied to email as best I can while not home. Tribunals are always political. if not fun anymore someone else can run a game now we know it can be done. :) I'll wrap it up next session if people want and someone else as I say can run a new saga. The kickstarter is long over and I have run a long story :)

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Take it easy, guys. I think CJ has something in mind having lured us into the other covenant; I doubt we're quite dead yet.


The bit about mundane justice is not quite right. The grogs belonged to a Blackthorn-allied magus who wanted Gus dead for some reason. I think the reason might have something to do with this crown business. Gus stole some silver, and the crowns that were binding the dragons were silver, and Gus' uncle was a guardian of one of the crown things, right? There's also a reason why Voluntas would like to have us. Its not like they owe us anything or such, certainly nothing that would warrant taking such a risk. Probably Edith and Gus have something to do with this whole dragon-crown-business as was revealed this time around, and they need them for that reason.


I think in general if you have misgivings about something, it would be better to play them out in character rather than arguing here.

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I'm definitve no person who can handle a Ars Magica group as GM to much of the rules are still unknown and also the world setting is still unclear to me.

Beside I never was a good GM even at the time I was trying as a GM and this is many years ago.

But even in the case I ever be GM again my absolut upper limit would be 4 players.

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I can't make it next saturday, unfortunately. I might be able to pull off Sunday, though.


I would prefer CJ running, as I have really liked his story thus far. Also, I doubt anyone else would be capable of it - all the rest of us still seem to be a little shabby on the rules and the setting, I think.

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I sure can't do it. The world and scenario I find very amusing. The politics is something I personally like, though our enemy is very powerful politically and is very good at it too. Thus able to make such a I guess overwhelming enemy, which I might add we are still facing as we are only going to their enemy and not going to the covenant. And should we be able to beat it... there are few words give a good estimation.

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oO haved to remove my posts also that I have posted in answear to Nagash's posts as they where left without meaning after his removal of the posts.


Only after I talked to Crow I have some hope left as player that there will be some outcome that makes the chars sill playable but bevore this I was at the point where I was nearly at the point to drop out of this campaign.

I was realy hoping that we could fly today back and get introduced in the other big part of Ars Magica the Lab work.

(Even if it just a vew days ingame its already our 9. game session we just play around the situation of our gauntlet and it starts to feel like there wont be anything other in this campaign)

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UGh............................. I forgot who played Helpax it was mr shades (palm apply directly to the face)


We could split the group, Ramon drops off a couple people at the covenant though believing we may need more help goes off with others to the covenant. This way hopefully we can give Class his most desired lab work (which I may too want to do someday).


Or we just leave, which Calpurnia wants to do. I as OOC on the other hand would like to know more about what's going on, but I also would like to see the less action packed side of the game.

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