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Most of my WoD experience actually comes from the nearly critically bugged (but still awesome) Vampires: the Masquerade: Bloodlines. I believe that it's set in the classic WoD setting, so I don't have any knowledge of the other. To my knowledge, I believe the Tremere in WoD were the only ones to use anything that might be close to be magic. the rest were mostly limited to supernatural abilities.


Very fascinating!


Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines... ah, now you've made me want to play it again (foxy boxes!). There were some good fanpatches for that game, that mostly ironed out the bugs. If you ever replay it, look around for it.


Tremere were indeed the ones with magical type abilities. The game doesn't even touch the ridiculous nature of what Thaumaturgy could do. I played a Tremere in a long running game (long enough that he became an elder), and he could cast fireballs. Yes, my vampire could throw fireballs at people. The New World of Darkness made it so that ridiculous things like vampires casting fireballs doesn't happen anymore, but I still sort of miss the wacky nature of classic WoD on occasion.


Thanks Mikka! I have taken part in the Mummy Kickstarter, but thought the name of the company had changed. :) I see Mark Rhein*Hagen is running a boardgames business I think these days. I should really have a look at Facebook see what he is up to now.


All you say is true, except 5th ed Ars Magica deliberately diverged. Now House Tremere never had a Vampire takeover - the new book on the Transylvania Tribunal Against the Dark for Ars Magica arrived yesterday. http://www.amazon.com/Against-Dark-Transylvanian-Tribunal-Magica/dp/1589781309 or http://www.atlas-games.com/product_tables/AG0302.php Interesting stuff if you play a Tremere or have a character from Transylvania. Only available as print edition at moment, but will be on pdf in a couple of years as normal.


Mikka, is there any truth to rumours of a Third edition WoD ruleset? I notice new Mummy still uses NWoD? And you are always welcome to join in and chat that's the point of forums, hell you could join the game if you wanted but that will have to be the limit for new players for the moment unless someone drops out, as it is confusing enough already!


cj x


I'd love to play with you guys, but sadly, my copy of Ars Magica fifth is locked away in storage. I'm rulebookless. So for now, I'll just enjoy watching you guys and reading about your game. Ars Magica really is fun; it's nice to see people playing it.


(Of course, now I want BCS's to start an Exalted kickstarter, so I could have an excuse to run it online for the forums.)


I haven't heard anything concrete about rumors of a third edition of WoD. Third Edition Exalted is definitely underway (and should actually be released soon- so excited!), and I've heard rumors that I'm pretty sure I believe (they came from a White Wolf developers mouth, anyway) that they're working on a second edition of Scion. I think they're sticking with just the new World of Darkness for now. Rumors are rumoring that once Mummy is out, we'll be seeing a Demon game. I think a new WoD would have to come after they released Demon- they're not going to let that potential cash source not be used.


The New World of Darkness doesn't really have any gaping system problems the way Exalted and Scion are broken, though, so I don't think they need to worry about making a new edition just yet. People are still buying the books up gleefully, and most of the complaining on the forums is setting stuff, rather then system stuff. And they keep coming up with books that adjust the setting and play with it a bit, so that can be easily solved.


Personally, I think it's too soon for a third edition World of Darkness- there's still money to be made on the nWoD. Of course, they're still making money off the oWoD, too. So I guess we'll see where their path takes them.


I don't know, I'm just an insane fangirl. If White Wolf comes out with something, I buy it, even though that means almost all my free money goes to RPGs that there's a good chance I'll never get to play or run. :wub: I'd buy a new edition without thinking about it, but I really do think they'll wait till after Demon, at least.

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Now that the library has been created, everyone should start thinking about what's the next big step of goal/growth/path/focus their char is going. Then we will all discuss on dips of the book and stuff on here. Senior (Baruch) get first dibs on the book he want to read.


Also try out the new format ideas on next session.

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2) dammit I forgot what number 2 is.

I finally remember what number 2 is.


This is an Online Whiteboard that CJ can draw map and stuff on to make things easier. The Get URL would let everyone join in to watch or contribute with the drawing.


Speaking of drawing, we could even sketch out our Covenant symbol on a board.

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Sadly I can't use the Online Whiteboard as out of security reasons Java is disabled in my browser.

First of all without the newest Java version you can catch your self a Trojan via shown adds as many add sever are corrupted right now and they use a good known java exploit.

Second from what I read they even already got around the newest update of java to infect a computer that have it running.

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I'm not really all that scared of virii. Sure I've got some defenses up but honestly, I think everybody should have a plan in place to counter them should they breach your firewalls/scans/etc. because there's no such thing as a perfect defense. The only way to prevent that stuff from happening is to disconnect from the net entirely, and I won't do that.


I have a several-tiered plan for malware, of which the final resort is nuking the OS itself and just reformat the drive. It's a pain to do that of course, but to date I've only had to do that once. I lost nothing. :) It just takes time to rebuild your software installs, but that's easy compared to digging in your registry, which is one of my less extreme tiers.

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OK, another day with surprisingly little achieved and very sad news about Mr Shades leaving us. :( Helpax has been a wonderful character, and I really enjoy Mr Shades contribution. Won't be the same without him, but I fully appreciate the hour and time involved too much (or maybe my game is just awful!)


If anyone is about and wants to ask questions, I'm going to pop in to the IRC chartroom for thirty minutes, as might be faster than answering all these emails


cj x

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It's not just the time, my work commitments have gone kind of wonky and there have been family issues in addition to the technical difficulties.


I am sorry, but I can't garentee that I will be able to make the sessions on a weekly basis. I've failed to connect to the internet for two weeks in a row when game time rolled around.


I would love to keep playing and contribute, but as things stand I can't justify making you all wait for me.


Maybe Helpax could show up every once in a while when I can garentee that I can make it?

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Antonius of Guernicus, my brother in the law --


At the Tribunal of Stonehenge I was assualted by a grog not known to me. He appera to have been in the company of magi of Voluntas and the City of Ivory and Jade. I wish to quiestion this grog. I offer a longevity ritual to any magus, maga or grog who can deliver him to me alive. I also ask that you question Baruch of Bonisagus and Makara of Criamon magically and not so gently, and if they had any involvement in this matter deliver them to me for trial. We shall have a Special Tribunal, then slay them -- slowly. In fact I would ask you deliver them to me for interrogation anyway, after you have dealt with them as you see fit. I shall return their heads.


I am also aware that a serious Hermetic Crime has been committed. I am aware of the conspiracy. The dragons have been woken.


Any magus loyal to the Order should respond volunterring their services to me at Blackthorn. Those who do not reply, I will understand have announced their treachery.


We face terrible times. The dragons woken, the King facing rebellion from the Barons, and our Tribunal rent by conspiracy and now assasination attempts. I will find the magi repsonsible, and I will March them. That is my solemn promise.


I further charge that JUlia of Blackthorn shuld be considered a Hermetic Criminal, and I promise that Talion will Wizard's War any magus who gives her shelter, vius, books or a friendly word. We of Blackthorn plan to eradicate the curse of Voluntas from this land, and Wizard's War declariations will follow. Not one stone shall stand upon another.


Iudicum of Blackthorn.

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When will we play the next time?

Saturday 26.10.13 12 GMT?

Because Mr.Shades droped out our time window got wider that looks like posible times for our RPG.

So we i.e might talk about a later time to start but then should plan in 30 Min -1h dinner/lunch break around 17 GMT if we want to keep our ~5h gametime.

A start of 18:00 GMT also looks interestig but only for saturday as I can't end so late sunday when I have to start at 4AM GMT with work on monday.

(Have a looke here about the times and -10GMT is no more http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=2431&st=440#entry23468 )

ABout the OOC channel I think not only our record might miss some thing but it also require that each player have some way to have both windows in view what not all IRC client support.

Beside that I doubt it will help as we can see here in the forum where we talk all over the place in different threads.

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Nyaa dont become to optimistic as CJ and Wits at last season haved to leave at 17 GMT or short bevore.

The time table just give hints that other start times and even longer play times might posible but there could be some reason for the other why this don't work.

I.e. when you look at CJs normal time what is GMT+0 you never would suspect that he suggest a starting time of 0:00.

Or for me I played some other games online with americans and they where quite suprised that I was aviable at 5 AM UTC.

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As I said before, Don't worry so much about me. If we had started later for last session, all it would have done is forced me to stay awake even longer, as I had been up for so long that no matter what I'd have overslept. I sleep whenever I can get it, and don't pay much attention to the day night cycle. I've always been that way, but my time in the Navy ruined any vestiges of what might have still been there.


Honestly, now that I'm used to the current time I'm against changing it, but it's whatever you guys want. Just know that on any given week my sleep schedule changes so there's no way to say what is and is not convienient for me. that 30~hour marathon I did was mostly my fault anyway. I'll work around it regardless.

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