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I have a way to get back, though a way to find it will be a interesting task

Now that you have a chance to be in the wild for a while, might be a good time to build up those criamon path's initiation requirement. Funny how your first one require you to live in a cave and you are doing just that.

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I think Dirk learn Wizard's Communion winter 1216 maybe together with some other player and some Elder Mages of our covenant we then can increase the level of our Covenat Aegis.

But its not easy as we have to get to at last 60 with this and then its still a spontan ritual spell what means that the dice score of the final caster of the Aegis is halfed.

(But with i.e 4 caster 3x15 and 1x20 in Wizard Communion this resoult in a difficult of 8 if we want to do a lvl 30 Aegis)

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I dont realy understand how Wizard's Communion supposed to work as it says you need to have the spell that is suposed to cast but then you usual also can cast it formulaic or as ritual.

But anyway I just came up because I decided to put Vim first of the Art I need to get good enough for a Apprentice for 1216.

What means Dirk need the VIM book again for autumn (but summer is also possible) and then learn Wizard Communion in winter.

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Nyaa you know if you ever want to teach a apprentice you need to have all Art at 5 what means your allready at 10 just with your arts and then you add stamina to it when casting the spell.

That means the Wizard's Communion we have as researchpaper should be no problem as it is only 15.

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Typical. Was going to osft things and then my PC decided to play up - I rebooted and it seemed to be taking forever to run updates that I have scheduled for late at night. I have switched to laptop, realised not got Chatzilla on here, and then realised I need Firefox. Sorry guys. I will return but you will be asleep by then I expect!

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Ohh and Grats Nagash! Wondering how you managed to trick the troll into this contest.

Trick? What do you mean trick. There was no trickery about anything well except that Momo (the Faerie King of Cats) "traded" me (Calpurnia) for the horn. However I (Calpurnia) was not his to trade and as such the Troll had actually been fooled into handing over the horn. I gave him a chance to get what he wanted, I challenged him to a duel (battle). However you guys should know how Faeries are and thus he gave a counter proposal for a riddle contest. I accepted, and then I won. I only got a +1 from that Enigmatic Wisdom (which technically helped as she has no int positive score).


There was more like, I had to be defeated in a challenge to break my Icy Heart, or something like that.

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Nagash from the answears you gave to Dirk I thought Calpurnia acepted this deal also and thats why I wondered.

<Dirk> "Just give him back his horn"

<Calpurnia> Look annoyed at Dirk


<Dirk> "So you realy want to stay here Calpurina? Then it was nice the meet you and good luck!"

No answear

<Dirk> "Why have Momo this might over you Calpurnia?"

<Calpurnia> "He doesn't I just want the Horn when I get back"

<Dirk> "I cant understand you! But if you wish so we will take a leave and gater why we made the trip!"

again no answear

SO this sound to me that Calpurnia intentional and in full knowledge accepted this deal even if made by Momo!

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