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Nagash from the answears you gave to Dirk I thought Calpurnia acepted this deal also and thats why I wondered.


SO this sound to me that Calpurnia intentional and in full knowledge accepted this deal even if made by Momo!


And yet you just stated why Momo couldn't make the deal.


<Dirk> "Just give him back his horn"

<Calpurnia> Look annoyed at Dirk


<Dirk> "So you realy want to stay here Calpurina? Then it was nice the meet you and good luck!"

No answear

<Dirk> "Why have Momo this might over you Calpurnia?"

<Calpurnia> "He doesn't I just want the Horn when I get back"

<Dirk> "I cant understand you! But if you wish so we will take a leave and gater why we made the trip!"

again no answear


For one if I refused this I would have most likely lost the horn I found (as I turned down a liked offer) and I want to study it for magic and other secrets. That is the answer to the first question. Second is no I don't want to stay, I want the horn. Third is he doesn't however I can use this situation to my advantage, but could you have spoke out against Momo for trying to do it. And lastly You don't have to understand, if things go my way the horn won't be the only thing I get.


This Calpurnia doesn't say aloud but if you were to talk to her about this, this is what she would say. It was Momo who started the deal in the first place and as Momo doesn't have power over me nor does he have the right to trade me away, the trade wouldn't have worked if it had magical bindings and other super intelligent bindings. I simply went along with it hoping I could get something else. I revealed the mistake the Troll made, but offered him a chance to at least get me should he beat me. As I won both he and this things belong to me. The only trick was the one made by Momo. Also if I spoke this plan aloud and explained it in it's entirety to you and the others, what do you think the troll would have done?


I've had a lot of fun with this part due to well the chance that Calpurnia could have been lost to me and my plans. If she lost I would have had her marry the Troll. She would be very displeased but it is in her Criamon Character that says that she should be able to solve (in theory) every riddle, and as such if she failed the teachings she has learned weren't good/correct enough and might actually be false thus breaking her faith in the enigma.


[Edit] If Momo had the ability to trade me away I would have had a very vocal response.

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So Calpurnia is coming back on spring or not? Momo did hinted he will have the team come back to get her at night, presumably to rescue/kidnap her.


Haha a deal only a Criamon or a Merinita would come up ^^.

A very Criamon deal.

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So Calpurnia is coming back on spring or not? Momo did hinted he will have the team come back to get her at night, presumably to rescue/kidnap her.


Will not be back at end of spring, hell depending on what he has and knows I could be years. We will see when I get the info about what he has and knows.

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We're still meeting at the same time, right? To clarify- 7AM Eastern Standard Time (-5 GMT, usually)? We haven't changed times because of your strange European shenanigans?


(Daylight saving times being the strange American shenanigans, of course.)

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We're still meeting at the same time, right? To clarify- 7AM Eastern Standard Time (-5 GMT, usually)? We haven't changed times because of your strange European shenanigans?

Uhhh... I've been waking up at 8AM (-5 GMT) since my daylight saving time, but if your daylight saving negate my daylight saving then I might have to go back to 7AM.


Edit: I will just wake at 7:30 because 6:50 is too rough.

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Eight o'clock? Well, that's better then seven, at least.


It looks like I won't be making tomorrow's session, either, though. I'm sorry... we're just playing too early in the morning for me to make regularly, with my obligations Friday nights. I was hoping we could work things out to play a bit later in the day, but that doesn't look possible. I'll try to make next week's session.

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ah sorry, Wits and CJ had to run, so we ended it, you didn't miss much though. Corbenik came and stopped our little kafluffle, and while I considered running from the menacing man I ended up staying like a loyal pet. Wits would upload a bit so we can discuss what we will do from there. Our group will be taken to the Temple and Antonius.



Oh, and Bashir's description:


Bashir is small male, almost half a head shorter than most with a lean build. While short his features are pleasing to the eye, though the charm quickly fades if he begins talking as he has a rather annoying stutter. In addition he is also quite young, younger than the newest accepted mages in the covenant. With golden-brown skin, dark eyes and hair. In the city he would be a mix of the Edenic and the Bazaar district. If you spend time in either you might faintly recognize this youth, if you paid attention to the preforming street artists.

In the summer 1216 he was accepted, just barely, by Antonius - mostly due to letter of recommendation that was promptly burned. He was immediately sent to aid Taitail in a tavern the same day. Whether it was because he had faith in the boy or the opposite is a matter of speculation.

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OK, this is Tom and me talking about Ars Magica, and why people should play it. It's an experiment in seeing what we could do, rather than a professionally produced podcast, but it does seem to work. If you are really bored have a listen, and tell us what you think! Given the technology actually seems to work, we can now experiment in actually creating a podcast if that is deemed of interest. :)


You can listen to it or download it here: http://chrisjensenromer.podomatic.com/entry/2013-04-13T10_12_05-07_00


or download the file from http://www.filedropper.com/arcaneconnection1

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Just heard it, and I can relate! The corebook (not to mention the myriad of extra texts written for Ars Magica) is a handful at first, but the magic system is really liberating! I may be a bit of a kid when it comes to magic, but I would like a mage to be able to do what it is he does, while still being able to do petty (if pretty) illusions for kids if he wanted. (I fully understand if you DON'T want to, but that is a choice, not rigid game rules)


If we can handle an anecdote: In Everquest, a MMORPG, and likely one of my first great loves in computer gaming, I played an enchantress as my main. As an enchanter you had access to illusions, charms (as in mind control), and a myriad of other *fun* spells. As you progressed you could even cast illusions on others. I had a lot of fun in newbie areas, charming some critter, turning it into something else and then using a spell to 'talk through my minion's mouth'. There is a certain satisfaction to seeing peoples' reaction when a skeleton named 'a_rat' offers out fashion advice at the edge of town.


Either way, Ars Magica holds the same promise and even more, making it something I've grown quite fond of. There is something to be said about the value of the sagas too, as some stories did happen, or partly... or... vaguely. Potentially. If we don't account for the magics... Right, well, my point was that it offers insight into stores or histories, that you wouldn't have learned of any other way.



So thanks for playing with us CJ, and thanks to our little merry band for getting together, finding the time and hosting. I'd give it a thumbs up, but I'm still debating whether I really should add more strange accounts to my email :P

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Background of Momo:


Momo is a a large black cat with a white spot on its breast. He wears a dirty cape and a crown made of paper.


Fairy Tale Origin: The King of the Cats



A man travelling alone sees a number of cats preparing to bury a small coffin, upon which rests a golden crown. He hurries home (or to wherever he was going) and when he recounts his story, his housecat suddenly cries "Then I am the king of the cats!", rushes up the chimney and is never seen again.


This normal house cat, named Momo has been elected as the King of Cat due to the rule of succession to through the dead of previous king and a recount of the burial by the first non-cat being that's being overheard by a non-servant cat. Momo is excited by the turn of his fortune, becoming the newest king of cat was beyond his imagination, and the succession was gone on uncontested as Momo ascend to the throne.


Months later, he have everything, servants, free food, and all the kingly respect he could ever ask for, but that's all there to it. The court of the Cat are mostly fallen and disorganize, cats can't be ruled, so the king are merely a symbol until some catastrophically event happen that would make the cats want a representative to deal with the troubles, but what are the odd of something like this to occur? Not that he would bother to rule or lead the cats, just relaxing everyday like a king is the best!


Years passed, life as a king is nice, but at least he could freely roam the outside world as a house cat, now he's just a caged bird. Momo is bored, absolutely bored, he plays with the mouse toy on his paw, juggle it a bit here and there, and ask his servant of anything of interest lately.


"None my lord, aside from the dragon being a bit restless lately, everything is the usual." The servant reply, trying to hide the dangerous situation of the dragon from his king to avoid any troublesome ideas the king might sprout.


Momo isn't interested with other lowly lizard being, so he ask, "Anything of interest in the usual then?"


"Well, there's there increased rats population some of our turf, apparently driven out of their underground home by the dragon and such, so our food supply are very stable for the win--"


"Anything that's not about food?" Momo interrupted with annoyance.


"None my lord, every cats that bother to come here is either to serve you or bribe you for food for their petty problem, in fact there's a cat named Hansine come the other day leaving a dirty old quarter pieces of a Dried Fish pulp along with a stupid letter about prophecy and--."


"Hmm? That sounds interesting, bring me the offering."


"...Yes, my lord." The servant order the lower servant to fetch the offering and the letter to the king, and it's brought to the king.


Momo look at the Fish Pulp, sensing something different about it. (Faerie sight)


"How insulting! It's clearly an eaten and leftover fish pulp that's been sitting for wee--"


Momo take the pieces and swallow it whole.


"My Lord! Please don't consume sure lowly food that doesn't befit y--"


"This is delicious." Momo retold suddenly, "very delicious... I can feel the love and cares of the owner... it seems to have traveled great journey to reach here."


Momo reads the letter with a stern expression at first, but a smile slowly appears as he read the letter. "Interesting, it's time I go on a journey."


"My lord, you can't just leave the cour--" The surprised servant was quickly silence by the king raising his paw at his mouth.


"You can take care of it, I'm now the king that run away from this throne, and I suggest you count to 100."


Momo rushes up the chimney and is never seen again.


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Just finish listening. Nice podcast. I like Ars Magica's rules too, it's quite liberating in a sense than all the limitations can be removed via hermetic breakthrough so there's no shackle of rules if the gm is up for it, but the game with the hermetic limitation itself still far surpass the power level you will never archive from other games with the exception of game that start you out as a god.


I've been thinking of crossing settings and rules with other games and it seems very compatible in my head, most probably due to the open nature of the rules that doesn't restrict creativity in any form.


There's just so much things you can design it yourself and won't feel restricted by it except by the character creation points for game balance of course.


Speaking of character creation, magic realm character creation is very fulfilling in creating a character with all the power/stat you need with the flaw of very difficult advancement for the character after creation. Faerie character is the opposite as it's quite unfulfilling in creating what you want as a whole (power level wise), but it has no limit in potential to advance toward infinity, just quite tricky to do it. Normal character creation is in the middle, half satisfying fulfillment in creation, but powerful potential at the end of their lifespan.

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In the fight yesterday not a single mage did practicate in only Dirk was a watcher and indirect Makara because of Fishy.

Praticants was 5 heavy drunken Hypoborean athlets with 4 knocked out, 1 still standing and the following player chars:

Aranth (One of the sons of Taitale)

Brother Gui (CJ)

Fishy (Nyaa)

Gustbran (Freespace)

Bashir (New char Grog/Companion level char from Adrian)

I hope I didnt miss someone.


Every of the chars involfed in the fight get 2 Confidence and Fishy even 3 (unless Baruch say otherwise).

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I honestly don't really understand how book reading works. Can someone give me the pages of the book that goes over it? I am looking for it, and I am positive it is obvious, yet I am missing it.


I also need to know when/if Amaranth can set up a lab from CJ. SHe's been there for a while now... over a year?


Read 163-165 (Chapter 10) of the Core Rulebook there are the different exp sources where you dont need a Lab.


Hmm ok I hade it wrong in Memory Aiden was garanted a Lab in the aftermat of the Paris event but Ameranth didnt get it then.

http://pastebin.com/iX6DmVuK line 576 is about Aiden and line 586 about Ameranth.

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Aiden actual arived bevore you in the timeline so its only Dirk who arived after you.

But keep in mind how you got into the game it couldnt get worse in kind of a first impression also you are a Tremere what apearently gives you a we dont like you here standing unless we are forced to.


(Beside both Dirk and Adiden both bring special "powers" in from they house. As you have seen the Covenant have some Fearie problems what brings in Aidens house speciality and it is a magic artefact that is crumbling down and thats where at last to some part of Dirks House speciality comes in)

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I think by this time Antonius has shrugged and decided NOT to give Amaranth a lab would be to risk annoying House Tremere. She can choose which tower where there is space to go for, and set up her lab in a season.


cj x

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