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Amaranth hasn't dropped out, we (and she) is still hoping she'll have time and opportunity to drop by.


And I'll be there, been slightly busy with work and helping my parents clear out their house but I've kept the RPG time sacred :P

(also updated the exp charts I think, for Bashir and Silas)

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The thing confusing you is that we jumped back in time for the boat adventure. It was in Winter 1214, same season as the Gauntlet stuff, meaning that the xp for it didn't matter because the xp from the gauntlet adventure was much more in any case.


Schwarzbart: The convent raid in Baruch's xp list refers to the time when we rescued Arabella and Anna from the nuns.


I don't think CJ ever gave us the XP for the time the covenant was attacked in Spring 1215. I might ask him about that on Saturday, actually, since Baruch only got Exposure for that season and so might gain some sweet, sweet xp.

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Is Barcelona Mentioned outside of Tribunals of Hermes Ibernia and HoH:TL 82?

If not I create the covenant using only some base infos trom the Iberna book as I realy dont like the Story they set to this covenant in this book (Beside it dont make sense to play any writen story with CJ in the group).

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If they gave a thorough account of it in the Iberia book, it's unlikely there'll be conflicting information elsewhere. You can construct the covenant as you like, of course - it's just less work for you if you have a foundation to build on.

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The Ibernia book is for the 4th (or even 3th) Edition and so clearly outdated thats why other sources from the 5th are important. Also as mentioned the Story surounding this covenant is not to my liking and the bigest info if the covenant is import for any of the houses is complet missing.

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21st May 1216 Having set out from Calais with a fleet of 680 cogs, and the Eustace the Pirate, Prince Louis invades England landing at the Isle of Thanet. King John has gathered his army at Dover. Battle seems inevitable, but John does not trust that his knights from across the Channel and his mercenaries will not immediately switch sides and join the French, so he instead plans a withdrawal to gather native troops.

22nd May 1216 John decides to abandon Dover castle, leaving it garrisoned by Hugh de Burgh to hold out as long as it can, and retreats first to Guildford, and then as Louis takes all of Kent apart from Dover Castle and advances on Guildford, John falls back a few days later to Winchester. Prince Louis triumphantly enters London. Fortunes have once again reversed, with the Barons and Louis holding the upper hand, at least in the South-east.

June 1216 Prince Philip hailed as king by citizens of London; the barons already have, but many other leading nobles hurry to London to pledge fealty tot the Dauphin. Stephen Langton, Archbishop of Canterbury ignores his papal orders to stay out of the country and arrives with Louis, and his brother Simon appointed Chancellor of England. Louis opens diplomatic relations with the Scottish King. Simon celebrates mass, and gives the host to the excommunicated barons, apparently with Price Louis' agreement. It seems England has a new French king!

However Walo the legate comes to England and goes to John at Gloucester, where with a large body of English clergy he solemnly excommunicates Prince Louis and Simon Langton. However other churchmen refuse to accept this excommunication of the Archbishop's brother.

Meanwhile Louis lays waste to Kent and Sussex, which fall to the French army. In Sussex however a young yeomen named William refused to swear fealty to Louis, and with a band of fellow outlaws, up to a thousand strong, waged incessant guerilla war on the French forces, killing large numbers and tying down large numbers of troops. Louis however marched to Winchester, taking the city, and across to Marlborough in Wiltshire, which surrendered. Only at Odiham, a tower owned by the Bishop of Winchester, was there a great resistance. The three knights and handful of soldiers within stage a heroic defence against huge numbers of French, and held out for eight days, even managing to capture three French knights. On the eighth day they were granted honourable surrender, and the French treated them well as men of undoubted heroism. The total garrison of the tower which had taken Louis over a week to take was just thirteen it was revealed, and as stated, only three of them knights! Only Windsor and Dover castles held out against Louis now, and the barons had moved through Essex and up through Suffolk, ending all royalist resistance.

King John was garrisoning and provisioning Devizes, Bristol, Corfe and other key castles that prevented Louis further advance in to the South-west, which remained royalist. The short distance between Devizes and Marlborough separated the two armies: John still avoided battle however, for fear his mercenaries would turn traitor. Louis however turned his attention to East Anglia, and marched to join the barons, and on arriving at Norwich found that great city, second largest in England abandoned by the royalist garrison. He immediately garrisoned it with French troops, and marched to the town of Bishop's Lynn (today King's Lynn), and important port, where the citizens were taken prisoner and taken off in chains until they paid a fee to be released.

The Scottish king invaded Northumberland on behalf of Louis, and Lincoln and York were surrendered to the French. For King John, the situation now appeared desperate, and despite the Pope finding in his honour and Walo doing all he could to raise money from the churches and monasteries and remove pro-Louis clerics from office, John must have wondered how much longer he could hold out.

June 24th, 1216 After his campaign in East Anglia Louis had returned to London, but now he turned his attention to taking Dover castle, the fortress known as the "key to England". Ever since his invasion Hugh de Burgh had held out here following John's retreat, with 140 knights but a large garrison of soldiers. The French brought up a great siege engine they named Malvoisine, and began trying to force a breach in the walls. (The siege engine is termed a petraria, but from contemporary records we know it was a large trebuchet not a petraria arcatinus.) such damage was done by the crossbowmen on the walls however that Louis was forced to pull back his engines and men, and absolutely furious he built shops and a well provisioned market was erected directly in front of the gates, in an attempt to tempt them in to a sally out to grab provisions so the knights concealed within could take the gates by surprise. The starving defenders resisted the temptation however, and the siege continued.

July 1216 A group of barons leave London and ride in to East Anglia, accepting the surrender of Cambridge castle (which had been ignored up to this point) and raiding Yarmouth, Dunwich, Ipswich and Colchester to gather loot, despite the fact these areas were securely in the hands of Louis anyway. Louis meanwhile is still besieging Dover, but he himself had moved on to try and take the less strongly defended castle at Windsor, where only sixty knights and a large company of soldiers defended the castle.

August 1216 With the French and Barons committed to two extended sieges one at Dover castle, and one at Windsor castle, King John assembled his knights and conducted a daring raid, burning the fields just before the harvest was gathered in and despoiling the countryside to bring ruin upon the barons as he tore through their estates. He made his way in to Norfolk and Suffolk, and so great was the devastation he wrought on his enemies lands that when the barons at the siege of Dover heard of it they broke off the siege and marched north to Cambridge to try and bottle him up in East Anglia. John was expected this, and by the time the barons and French reached Cambridge he was at Stamford, from which he turned north to Lincoln.

The county of Lincolnshire had surrendered in early Summer, but Lincoln castle had held out under the chatelaine Nichola de la Haye (technically Constable - she held the Castle in her own right and her husband was dead) who had refused to surrender and paid the French to go away. Once they had, she had secured Lincoln for the King. Now Lincoln was once more besieged, and John marched to his loyal vassals aid. On his arrival the French fled and he rode up to meet Nichola waiting for him at the gates, and we have a rare account of an actual conversation between them -- And once it happened that after the war King John came to Lincoln and the said Lady Nichola went out of the eastern gate of the castle carrying the keys of the castle in her hand and met the king and offered the keys to him as her lord and said she was a woman of great age and was unable to bear such fatigue any longer. And he besought her saying, "My beloved Nichola, I will that you keep the castle as hitherto until I shall order otherwise." Great age seems a bit strong - she was around 60, but a good age for the time. John appointed her High Sheriff of Lincolnshire.

September 1216 The King of Scotland marched south with a large army, planning to rendezvous with Prince Louis now, but at Barnard's Castle Alexander's brother-in-law Eustace de Vesci was shot dead by a crossbowman on the walls. Despite this tragedy Alexander II of Scotland continued and did homage to Prince Louis, but then retreated back to Scotland. Another death however was to prove more fatal to Prince Louis's cause -- that of the French noble, the Viscount de Melun, who grew ill and on his deathbed called a number of English barons around him, and revealed that on securing the throne Louis was going to have them all executed or exiled as traitors and their lands confiscated as he could not trust men who would fight against their own King! Whether de Melun's warning was true or not, it was widely believed among the barons, and many began to argue they must return their allegiance to King John, rather than lose everything. It was certainly true that when their estates were recaptured their castles were being garrisoned with French troops, and Louis had already granted lands belonging to some of them to his French nobles. Now they realised the awful situation their treason had placed them in: but they also knew John was unlikely to be forgiving.

October 1216 Louis had returned to the siege at Dover, and those barons not with him were paralysed by de Melun's deathbed confession in London. John returned to raiding East Anglia, but this time the French would not be drawn in to a pursuit. John Entered Bishop's Lynn, where the French had been particularly brutal, and was welcomed with church bells and great celebration by the citizens. On the 15th October King John and his retinue rode ahead of the army, planning to cross the River Wellstream near where it enters The Wash,and proceed to Newark Castle. Feeling unwell, on the night of the 16th he intends to stay at Swinehead monastery, and on the 17th at Lafort Castle, before proceeding to Newark. His army marched after him, but John, tired and feverish, insisted on moving ahead, and moving fast along with the crown jewels of England. And it as that small party leaves Bishop's Lynn to ride to Newark that my scenario starts, so I'll leave my account here.

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Nyaa I fear if you join next week its probably only Momo or Fishy wo sudenly can pop up because they took a nap in the storagebox of sedalas sadle.

That's fine. Makara need to study up all those books anyway.


Edit: I need the game log too unless you want to do the session summery.

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Blast! Houston we have a problem. I have a appointment tomorrow at 2pm, which is 1GMT, right in the middle of our game. It will last an hour and I have no choice but to attend. So I think I have three choices: either cancel at extremely short notice, ask if someone would like to run something tomorrow with characters not in the current story, or run on Sunday instead. I'm happy with any of the above, just so sorry I can not get out of this, but the appointment only arrived in today's post, and i can't reschedule it :(


cj x

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