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Nagas: the point was that we could play our second characters tomorrow while the others are down below, simultaneously. And that's the problem: If Calpurnia isn't back, you don't have a char to play. But if that's the case, you can play a grog - you could draft yourself one if you want, or you could play one of the ones we already have done

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Now Vim actual have the best spells against Magic Creatures as you can create low level spells that damage the might as soon you penetrate his resistance.

Perdo Vim Reduce a target’s Might Score by the level of the spell + 10

You just need 4 spells, one per realm (Magic, Fearie, Divine, Demon).


I'm just confused about the +10 level they mentioned in the guidlines as this would mean a spell 3+2 Voice would make 13 dmg to the might compared to 5 as it says in Demon's Eternal Oblivion.


I think the second number is actual right but then they should sayed +2 magnitued in the guidlines what is equal confusing.


Maybe Dirk spend the winter 1217 to invent lvl 5 Perdo Vim spells at touch range for Demon,Fearie and Magic creatures. (would do 10dmg to Might each cast)

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Thanks for the ideas for Taitale!


Schwarzbart: You're right. I'm pretty sure it's a typo caused by the strangeness of saying "+2 magnitude might points". I think that's what we should interpret it as saying, though, so base 3 at voice is 5 damage, but base 5 at touch (i.e. level 10) is 15 damage, and base 4 touch would do 10 as you say.

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That only makes me feel a few percentage points better. :(

Is alright, none of us are equiped to fight a dragon beside Baruch. You get your experiance of facing a dragon and now you know what to focus on the next few years to become better in dealing with this, but you don't have to become the attacker of the team if you don't want to and stay focus on whatever goal you are pursuing.

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