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Oh, I'll be away next week (the 3rd and 4th). If possible Bashir will try to keep an eye on the amulet maybe even convince the group that they should return the amulet to the sailor - IF that succeeeds he'd try and pay for it or if that fails, steal it. He'd also try to get a meeting with the covenant head to hand over a letter (and bring one back if need be).

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A interesting resource we can use in regard for Languages


Given that in GotF Yiddish and Bavarian are just specialisations of High German and Frisian is a specialisation of Low German it might be that some languages there are also only specialisations of a close related other language.

I.e. the 3 Gaelic Languages might still be just 1 Language in the game where the char just need to have the specialisation in one of the 3 dialects

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If Yiddish is a specialization of high german, then wouldn't it also be possible to have Yiddish as language which would then mean you could speak high german at -1 (unless you have specialization in it)? I think this kind of a flexible system is the most intuitive with languages, rather than thinking it in terms of High German being "the" languages and the others just derivative specializations. I'm not sure what the books say about this, though, so might be I'm completely off here, and it's certainly different from how it works with the other abilities.

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Yidish is a Dialect of High German acording to GotF and is at -2 to Hebrew but only this dialect have this relation to Hebrew i.e High German - Bavaria have no relation.

Btw if someone with native High German - Bavaria talk with someone native High German - Heberew both talk at a skill of 4 as from dialect to dialect not only drop the specialisation but also gives a extra -1. The minimum penalty you get from language to language is -2 if I understand the things right.

Beside the less seperate Languages we have to handle the easyer it get.


Even if we are not this far right now one important info I just reread

If a magus designs a powerful mystical effect, such as a Longevity Ritual, for himself, he doesn’t gain Warping

Points for being under a powerful mystical effect, but he does gain them from being under a continuous mystical effect

so no mater what you do as soon you start to use the Longevity Ritual you will start to gain Warping Points.

What makes the whole twilight thing becomming problematic and as soon someone have used the Longvity Ritual for 275 years Finaly Twilight is there but chances are great that no one ever make it so fare.

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About the languages: Yeah, I'm fine with that.


Few of the really old and badass magi in the canon materials are older than 150 years. I think usually people tend to gain warping from botching spells and stuff. Even if they don't, age is likely to get them by that point.

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Indeed, escaping death is no simple thing, which is great. Keeps the mages hungry for ever more power and obscure ways to delay the inevitable.



Concerning the language part, I'm not sure I understand, partially due to not having the reference you are quoting, so just to see if I have this strait;


Speaking a different dialect gains you a -2 modifier to conversation, at least, more if you speak the language is further removed from the branch that you yourself speak.

Within the same language groups, languages can still more twice or more removed incurring additional penalty, the exact relations mentioned in GotF (Perhaps) and aided by the site linked previously?

This works the same the other way, Speaking a language once removed from another gives you a -2, and twice removed a -3?




So, speaking German at skill level 5, I would be able to converse with someone speaking High German, but with a -2 hit to my rolls?

If I had spoken German at level 4 the hit would have been -3 and so forth?


Had I been speaking German at level 5, and wished to speak to someone speaking Yiddish (Which is twice removed if I understand, once to High German and then another to Yiddish) it would be at a -3 as well?




(Not that I really wish to complain or let the realism fade, but should we really push the number crunching this far? - I admire the realism streak, I really do, but our usual sessions are somewhat slow already, having to calculate how each sub-language speaker would act according to each other might be beyond our scope.)

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Adrian what I post here http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=2431&page=73#entry28226 are just the official numbers given in Guardians of the Forest.

For my Nuernberg adventure I even ignored that High and Low German are two distinctive different languages (No we are here not even talk abaut dialect any more).

I just forgot that someone speacking english also could understand some words as english to high german is -4.

With us travling around a lot this penaltys are important in my opinion to know if anyone even understand something of the local language.


Btw. for the people not owning the core rulebook of Ares Magica 5 there is curent a Bundlesale where you can pay what you think it is wort for you.

As you have to pay above the average curent $20.45 for the ArM5 Core book its only interesting if you also be interested in one of the other PDF.


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now first of all the languages developed a other 800 years and second German is considered as one of the more difficult languages in Europe (if not the most difficult).


Btw when do you all have time this weekend so we can hopefull finish the trip to Barcelona?

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