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What Imaginem spell was it that made the Size 5 Owl look like a cloud?

I ask out of different reasons:

-First to look how good it conceal us at all

-Second how big the area is that it conceal and if I can increase my size more without breaking it

-Third because it was targeted on the "Owl" I hope its not T: Ind as then the spell needs 2 difficult adjustments from the size (but on the plus side I can go to size 6 without breaking it) if I remember the meaning of size corect and Take p.113 core Rulebook into account.

(P.113 was also the reason why I sayed that I don't know how to calculate the difficulty for a spell that increase the size at this huge magnitude)


On a small side note the white color of the eagle owl is wrong!

Here the link to the wiki how the eagle owl looks like that is the heartshape of Class


When Class spreads his wings the wingspan is the same as his hight in human shape. Now consider how large the wingspan have become after a increase in size by 8 level!

Just did the math with his size and ended by a wingspan of around 1 km for Class by now -.-' and I think thats a bit to large!

If I now could do some kind of elemental attack with the mouth one could call me Dragon Owl now ;).

Probably the -3 size is wrong for this owl but that was something I asked Cj a long time ago with no answear so fare and so I have keept it for now.

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I don't recall the exact name, wasn't it 'phantom...' something or other?


Either way, an owl with a 1km wingspan... I hope you don't have to eat while you are that size - cause we'd have to slaughter half a village to feed you.

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IT's still a huge owl. I worked out last night how far you can fly in a night btw. And Imaginem spells do not have to increase for Target size, soi that is no issue. You look like a cloud :) However, the journey on a huge flying owl t Tribunal will hopefully be er, interesting :)


cj x

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Now first thing first we still need to know about the promise. ^^

But if the others manage to sleep in the night on my back we can even travel day and night.

Anyway I think our trip by now was "interesting" enough for a introduction in the adventure part of this game and so I hope we arive at Stonehenge at latest at the end of the next play session.


About the size, personal as a Human I would try to get cover as soon I spot such a giant owl and there is surley no normal animal on earth that would try to attack this owl ;).

But with dragons and such things around there still enemies beside human who would try to get this owl down.

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I think you are getting close to Stonehenge. I have mapped out the flight and prepared it.:) If someone can update the log that would be cool, I don't actually know hot to cos i am old and useless :)


cj x

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