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Hi all,


I've bought all of your game, and lurked around your forums, so I feel now that I should introduce myself. I'm Andrew. I really, really like Academagia. I'm unfortunately not really a fan of Scheherazade. But Ars Magica looks fantastic - it scratches that itch I've felt since coming across Birthright (the mix of role playing and strategy, not the mechanics). I'd never heard of AM before, which is a little surprising, so I'm very excited about this kickstarter (which I found out via the guys at rockpapershotgun on the weekly round up).


It's early days yet, and I don't think the visibility of the KS is that high, but I'm a little concerned with the rate of funding at this stage. I think it's growing by around 1.5% a day (or has been over the weekend, it seems). Obviously lots of KSs have slow growth, but the successful ones also have a strong launch window, which I don't think you've achieved (although if you think you have, then I'm sorry for being so negative). I have a feeling that some people with my experience of your products might be withholding investment because they're unclear which of your two games this one would be more like. From what I saw on RPS (which is a strong funding community), there's a deep ambivalence about Scheherazade. Partly the skill application (which I found unintuitive after Academagia) but also the particular art direction you took, which I think didn't appeal to many people who post there. I say this not as a criticism, but because I think it might help secure funding from the RPS community if you were to demonstrate how the mechanics of the game would work and give a sense of the art direction. Maybe an interview with someone there? I don't know.


Anyway. Hoping it goes well and funding picks up!




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I actually find the Skill management of Sheherazade an improvement over Academagia, which is a bit chaotic in that sector and not really user friendly. I hope that several game mechanics systems will be changed in Year 2.


Sadie could use some improvements itself, of course...

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