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Change the locations in C drive


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Hey chaps, I am back!


In celebration of trying this patch68, I'd like to ask a question /make a request.


For whatever reason, I dont want Academagia to use space on C drive. I want it to save data on a specific drive/partition and just use space on that partitition alone. Cache for starting new chars, Save folder, resources, whatever.


Reasons? Many, but one is that I want to concentrate game resource on one single specific partition.




Is there anyway we can change locations from C drive to anywhere else? Any messing around with that yet?

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Maybe the following freeware could help with your goal: JunctionMaster


It's utilizing the built-in 'junction' command of Windows. Doing it manually in the command line can be confusing so this GUI-based application can alleviate such situation.



PS. No, I have no part in creating the freeware app. I just found it in my search online.

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