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I am totally at a loss. What does this caper have to do with anything? It makes no sense and nothing is explained. It feels completely pointless. How does it tie into the main story other than an introduction to the arse that is known as Valinten? Hmm

1 who goes into someones house they are borrowing and steals a music box if they are a good person?

2 Random squirrel takes the box out of her bag and she has to fight it?

3 Why would 2 spies from different countries be trying to capture thieves who are just looking for treasure?

4 What is so special about the tomb that Roland has to get into it even though the treasure was taken long ago?

5 Who are the women *thieves*?

6 Why do dogs on a random grave lead to the tomb?

7 Why is it no one actually investigates the pyramid tomb?

8 How is this tied into the main storyline?


Sorry it is all just too random. I feel like so much is left out of the story like it was edited poorly. Sorry :(


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