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Pamela adventure chain


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Playing through academagia I am trying to complete the Pamela adventure chain.


I have completed Studying!!

I have completed Lure of the Light!!


Spoilers about my current adventure step:



I am now at the part where I managed to free pamela from the society that was going to change her haunt. I then did the adventure "Spirit's confidence" which succeeded, but there is no more adventure. I did gain the ability to cast "Spirits confidence" spell, which i did.


my bond is at 6, just wondering where the rest of the adventure went or if this is the end?



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It looks like this is one ending for the Familiar Bound Adventure Invisible Friend as it gives you and your Familiar +1 Insight.

Next time you ask about such thing or report a bug in a adventure please use F12 as it shows there the step of the adventure inc. the name it have in the modtools.

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