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(this event assumes you accepted oan's offer to walk plus some skills)


You find yourself in a strange and unfamiliar corridor and area. Looking around you resist the urge to panic and call out. Backtracking you realize you're totally lost and before you can make a noise a familiar voice calls out and foot steps race towards you. "(player name)!" Oan says as you turn around. "What are you doing here? This area is only for third years and up!" she's furious with you and you can only stare blankly at her. Shaking her head at your luck she leads you out. Lecturing you about respecting rules on the way you can only listen as she goes on and on. Finally reaching a common area she looks nervous and looking at you with a strange glint wordlessly leads you to an isolated alcove. Shrugging you follow your mentor until she settles and makes sure no ones in hearing range.


"I have a favor to ask of you. My friend is in considerable trouble and is a hop skip and jump from being expelled. I need someone to take the fall for... what he did. No one would believe it if *I* said I did it and less for most but you've got the skills and daring to... well he stole all the tests for this year and was selling them for a profit. Selling them is bad enough but if they know he stole them too... It'll get a detention but you'll get 600 pims.


For 600 pims you can get a lot of things! The question is do you want to risk it?


Exit 1: Walk away. Anything of that level is far too serious for you to get into right now. You can't afford that sort of attention. (Automatic success)


The pay would be good but it wouldn't be worth the detentions plus the fact that all the professors will pay considerably more attention to you then would be worth. You've managed to fly under the radar for most things. This will make it considerably harder to sneak around, skip class, and generally be where you're not supposed to be.


"Wait!" Oan shouts.


Exit 2:Practical jokes. You'll do it if they help you pull off a few tricks on some of your rivals as well.


Success: The jokes are successful so you confess and they believe you. You are given detentions, marked as a trouble maker but on the plus side you've gotten revenge on some 'friends', 600 pims richer and learned something too.


-1 relationship with (name)

-1 relationship with (name)

+600 pims

+1 practical jokes

1 detention


Failure: Oan rolls her eyes at your attempt to deal. She cuffs your head and walks away. You later find out she reported that you were in a forbidden corridor.

-1 vitality

1 Detention


Exit 3: Observation. You won't do it yourself but you know a few who with that price would be willing to do so.


Success: (student name) agrees and Oan is happy. She gives you some pim for the help. You were after all essential to finding the scapegoat.

+100 pims


Failure: You try to help Oan out but only make it worst until she throws up her hands and goes off on her own. She finds you later and showing off her new book you give her 100 pims so she would give you your favorite book back. Looking questioningly at her she breezily offers a smirk and a parting remark, "I found someone but they wanted more for the trouble since you made it somewhat public.

- 100 pims


Exit 4:Ethics. Stealing the outlines was wrong and looking at Oan's face you verbally agree to keep quiet about it but once you can you'll submit a tip anonymously.


Success: You manage to avoid being caught and hear through the grape vine that someone was expelled for stealing and selling this years tests.

+ 1 ethics


Failure: You're caught trying to admit it anonymously and are forced to do it in person. Your reward is 2 detentions, three merits taken from your college and and stress.


-3 merits

2 detentions

+5 stress

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