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Unable to Explore


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So I downloaded Academagia from GamersGate, installed the new patch, and begun a new game. A few, actually, while I decided on a build and play style. Anyway, I did not possess Explore at game start under the actions list, which struck me as odd but I continued. I thought perhaps it had been tied to a higher level of the Explore skill, or Curiosity. After building my clique and getting my studies done, I leveled Curiosity and all the Explore sub-skills, and still cannot Explore. This hasn't been as bad as I would've thought since I have Beatrix in my clique and use Helpful Guide every week, but it's still annoying.


Is this a bug? If so, how can I fix it?

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Let me see....it doesn't appear to be granted by Curiosity any longer, but that's strange. I wasn't aware of any changes there.


I'll confer with the Team, thanks for bringing this to our attention!


Edit: Although Explore Skill should also grant this to you, it appears to only Inform you of the Action. We'll put this change through in CP3. Unfortunately, you may need to restart in order to obtain this Action, I believe. :(

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