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I was hoping i could get someone to make a very simple mod for me since i cant seem to get it to work...

I basically want something akin to the cheat mod, except instead of giving a bazillion cheat options, i want instead a kind of cheat mode per say.


Basically, a spell i could cast which would give me a 100% chance of success for every single skill check for a period of 7 days or something.


I basically want to experience all of the adventures without having to reload the game every minute to succeed.

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I do have a mod that modifies the success rate, if you're not too bothered by some...er...extra things added. Some backgrounds and stuff. The particular background that affects success rate also gives a 100% random event chance (my own attempt at increasing the odds of going to Stazione Maritima)


Must tell you however, that the mod is in beta, still, and appears to crash when combined with the exotic familiar mod. I have no idea why and not enough time to test it, yet.

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