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Parent Skill: Natural Philosophy

Dominant Attribute: Finesse

Train Modifier: 1.5


What is Dentistry? To most, dentistry means pulling teeth. To mages and nobility, glamours to cover up the bad smell. To students, an useless branch of Chirurgery. To these in the know, however, Dentistry is a extremely complex field that owe much of its development to the whims of certain narcissistic dragons during the Second Captivity, and involves Biology, Brute Strength, and Enspell, to better assist in throwing deadly spells into someone's mouth.


It's largely a messy and unglamorous affair to deal with somebody's dental health, and studying Dentistry is equally unglamorous (if only less messy). Even though people will jump at the chance of a painless remedy, a majority of books and knowledge were lost during The Exile and the lack of professional dentists make studying difficult for what little aspiring dentists there are. Mastering the skill, however, is immensely beneficial to other studies and highly profitable, and at least confer a total immunity to toothaches if nothing else.




Level Unlock:

1. Dental Awareness (Ability), Dentistry for the Emperor Sphinx (Lore)

2. Dentistry for the Dragon (Lore)

3. Hedi-gel (Item)

4. Free Space in Somebody's Mouth (Ability)

5. Dentistry for the Academagia (Lore)

6. Knowledge of Fangs (Ability), Morvidus's Brace of Invulnerability (Spell)

7. Oral Pestilence (Spell)

8. Cleanse and Replace (Spell), Register for the Imperial Dentist's License (Ability), Imperial Dentistry (Ability)*

9. Fight as the agent of Tooth Fairy (Ability), Oral Genesis (Spell)

10. Wand of Microscopic Annihilation (Item)


*: Gained as a result of getting the Imperial Dentist's License




Dentistry for the Emperor Sphinx

In [redacted], many dentists tried to deal with the black spots that appeared on the Emperor Sphinx's razor-sharp teeth. For safety reasons, the last official attempt to remedy this consists of tying an enchanted rope around the problematic tooth and a hundred man pulling it.


They failed.


Dentistry for the Dragon

There are evidence suggesting that during the Second Captivity, the dragon [redacted] and [redacted] will frequently recruit or coerce artisans into creating a replica of their fangs in various precious metal and have them enchanted, and dentists to set the fang inside their mouth. More often than not, the dragons will shut their mouth mid-operation, swallowing the dentists as a snack.


A few dentists did survive to the end of the Second Captivity, their importance to said dragons rising quickly as they ran out of capable people to care for their teeth.


Dentistry for the Academagia

"...the regrettable case of [redacted] has alerted us to the haphazard practice of having your teeth bleached by potion in the student body. While we are happy to see the innovation of our students in potion-making, the multicolored flash is frankly quite distracting and could possibly inflict seizure on other students.


Professor Blackheart will distribute potion to all affected. It will return your teeth to your original, healthy black color.


Students of Icanyke College, please stay behind for a lecture on how to deal with the dangerous creature known as the Tooth Fairy, which has assaulted several members of the faculty last week, including Professor Blackheart..."




Dental Awareness

Being aware that your teeth will turn black and your mouth stinky is immensely helpful. At the very least, you will begin to form good habits in regard to your mouth, and avoiding bad breath. That translate to a lasting +1 increase to Conversation and Courtly Fashion, in that you won't have black teeth to go along with your black robe or turn the conversation sour with your breath.

Free Space in Someone's Mouth

When someone's tooth really, really hurt, they will look for a dentist. To Free Some Space. By having somebody to pull the offending tooth out. Which is you.


By passing a (Strength/Dentistry v.6) skill check, you will successfully pull the offending tooth out, and earn 15 pims for your trouble, and grant a step in Brute Strength, Dentistry and Concentration. You will gain a point of stress however, as it is a very tiring job.


It's also immensely fun to watch your patient's agony, reducing two point of stress if your Compassion is below 5.

Fight as the agent of Tooth Fairy

Being a master at Dentistry allow you to pull teeth harder, faster, and more profitable... by being contacted by somewhat alien beings that have an odd resemblance to the fairies, offering you a bounty on willingly-lost teeth. You can then go on a teeth-pulling frenzy throughout the poorer parts of Mineta like a hero saving hapless peasants from toothache, if you pass a (Strength/Dentistry v.16) check, earning yourself one step to Minetan Swagger, Brute Strength and Concentration, and shedding a point of Stress.


Afterwards, passing a (Fitness/Gates v.25) check will allow you to summon the Tooth Fairy and give it your loot in return for a random potion and a step in a random skill as the fairy tell you terrible, terrible things.


Knowledge of Fangs

It can be easy to forget that the beasts of the land also have teeth that can suffer from the same things as we do, mostly because they don't really care if they have bad breath. Regardless, your knowledge of teeth and how to deal with them can help you perform better in Chirurgery, Zoology and Anatomy, as a lasting 1-point increase to these skill.


Register for the Imperial Dentist's License

The dentist population in Mineta is, simply put, non-existent. Except for you. If you want, you can apply to become a "Imperial Dentist" by solving whatever problems the Emperor Sphinx had with her razor-sharp teeth, or maybe possibly her gum, done by passing a progressively difficult series of check - starting with a (Strength/Courage v.14) check to bravely put your hand into her mouth, a (Finesse/Composure v.14) check to not worry about the Sphinx sneezing (and biting off your hand), a (Intelligence/Biology v.16) check to identify the problem, a (Strength/Brute Strength v.18) AND a (Intelligence/Planning v.8) to pull off the problematic tooth and having foresight to getting other to help you pull, and lastly a (Finesse/Dentistry v.28) check to attach a new, shiny, made-from-diamond tooth to her mouth magically. Don't worry about the expense; the Sphinx will handle it.


Failing results in 5 point of Stress. You aren't sure how angry she is about failure, but you do know her teeth is still razor-sharp despite your incompetence.


Success result in a nice sheet of paper authorizing you to work and advertise yourself as an "(The One and Only) Imperial Dentist", but not "The Child Who Relieved the Sphinx of her toothache", and the visitation right to the Sphinx room for any future check up. No Glory though - the Sphinx isn't very keen about spreading words of your feat.


Imperial Dentistry

If you got the credentials, you can put out word that you are currently accept patients and have the nobility flock to you, where you gleefully pull teeth or throw spell into their mouth and be paid handsomely for it, gaining a random jewel and 300 pims.


Very, very occasionally, one of these nobility might be Catherine Chard or Corradin d'Alfi, which expand the relationship between you and one of them by one point.


Due to a obscure and previously obsolete law of the City, you may only do this once per thirty days.



Morvidus's Brace of Invulnerability

Action Type:Beneficial

Pheme: Shield, Bone, Protection, Defensive

Spell Type: Prevention, Protection


Your clique receive a +2 Chance of Success to all Social action and a +1 bonus to Zoology and Anatomy. There is no rolls required.


The whole battlefield went silent as the King deflected not one, but three arrows with his teeth. Then the king's mount charged forward, tearing off the city gate effortlessly with its tusks, and the rest of the city soon followed.


Oral Pestilence

Action Type: Beneficial

Pheme: Sickness, Harm, Harm, Harm, Harm, Harm, Accuracy

Spell Type: Destruction, Sickness, Righteous


By passing a (Fitness/Dentistry v.15) roll, you can start some sort of apocalypse in your mouth, supposedly "killing off the miniature draconic saboteurs in your mouth". In gameplay terms, you receive a +5 to your Maximum Stress and +3 to all Cooking skills as you enjoy total liberty of eating whatever you want and not having to worry about your teeth at all for a week.


You will also immediately take 4 points of Damage and 2 point of Stress, unless you pass a (Finesse/Enspell v.15) roll to prevent said apocalypse from spreading to your other part of body and to silence the tortured screams coming from whatever's being killed on your teeth.


"Foolish human. Do you honestly believe this meager attempt can truly bring down our great master?"


"It's not for that. It's for the filthy dra- I mean, human spies that despicable Icanyke has conjured onto our great master's fangs."


Cleanse and Replace

Action Type: Beneficial

Pheme: Flesh, Bone, Change, Serenity, Comfort

Spell Type: Anatomy, Revision, Mastery, Glamour


For three difficult rolls (Intelligence/Anatomy v.25), (Intelligence/Biology v.25), (Finesse/Revision v.25), you can temporary Increase your Charm, Fitness and Confidence by 6 for 40 turns. In return, you will suffer 6 point of Stress and a temporary 4-points Increase of Minimum Stress unless you pass a (Charm/Glamour v.18) and a (Fitness/Mastery v.20) to shrug off the respective effect. There's also an additional 1-point loss of Confidence, which cannot be avoided.


For most part, Dentistry is rather mundane and harmless despite the Draconic influence on its development. This spell, on the other hand, is one of the few things to be publicly forbidden by the Wyrms themselves during the Second Captivity, and the fact that it contains both Glamour and Mastery as anesthetic components should tell you the severity of the situation.


On the other hand, it's about teeth to anyone in the know, and the rest of the world would just assume you are being religiously humorous if you bring this up.


Oral Genesis

Action Type: Beneficial

Pheme: Nourish, Sweet, Sweet, Excise

Spell Type: Growth, Life


Your target automatically suffer 3 points of Damage and Stress as their dental health deteriorate rapidly. By passing a (Intelligence/Revision v.9), a (Insight/Biology v.12) and a (Finesse/Dentistry v.15) roll, you can further inflict 1 more point of stress for each rolls respectively as you further "encourage the blooming of life with positive energies" in your target's mouth. This spell will also Expand the relationship between you and your target by 1 point, as the spell consists of nothing but utterly beneficial components and who could suspect you of having ill intents?


The dentists of the old were coerced into casting this seeming beneficial spell to the dragons at first. As they discovered the true effect of the spell, they became much more eager in casting - for not only this can sabotage the dragons and put them in the dragons' good grace, but also to ensure the dragons will always have a need of them and thus not become a snack randomly.








Worth: 0

Concealability: 4


Consuming Hedi-gel will Increase your Chance of Success by a staggering 50% for two days. It will also Increase Stress by an equally staggering 7, however.


A young Queen Hedi created the original batch of this (supposedly) alien, vile, pungent paste, supposedly as a gift to some of her supernatural friends. Apparently her supernatural friends took it as a great insult and went into a great depression.


To you, however, it resembles a crystalline paste that smells like peppermint. And the faculty seems really, really eager to confiscate it for their own use.


Wand of Microscopic Annihilation




Worth: 0

Concealability: 2


The Wand of Microscopic Annihilation Increase its Wielder's Charm by 1 and skill with Courtly Fashion and Confidence by 1, while decreasing Scent Detection by 2. It also Increase the Chance of Success at all Dentistry spells by 20%. It is also a bit hard to conceal, seeing that the bristle tip of the wand whirrs constantly.


"And with great trepidation, the dragon put the jeweled wand into its mouth as the other dragons look on, already plotting to seize its servants and treasure. A storm erupted in its mouth. Then it took the wand out and grinned to his peers, its fangs pearly white, not knowing that he has defeated far more evil than it ever intends to." -- Excerpt from Collection of Delirious Exclamations of Historians, by Errus Viada

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