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[Request]Mod: Export Save Game Progress


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I would like to make a request here for modders.


We need a way to compare between various characters: how many stat do they acquired, how many subskills have they trained, how many quests have they completed... As a way to brag among ourselves, of course, but also a way to compare the effiency of various plays. Like Triple-Cleanse work better than Pure-expand or not.


So can you guys make an app to export the results from the saves?


Ideally, it should show the following:


1. Permanent Stats without temporary boost (like emotions, or astrological signs, or spells)(ie base stats+ permanent abilities)

2. Alphabetical list of permanent subskills without temporary boost, included both learned and unlearned subskills. This will be useful to compare progress in learning.

3. List of completed Quests, included incompleted and failed. This is more to see how much story have your char experience.

4. List of memories. This is more to see how much story have your char experience in both quest and events.


The pure fluffs are the following:

4. List emotions, what you have experienced and not.

5. List of astrological signs. of limited use for non-Astrology plays.

6. List of locations, both known and unknown. Do you wander?


I believe this mod will be very useful for us veteran gamers of Academagia.

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I know. But, well, the purpose of this thread is to see if there's some curious codemonkeys in here want to mess around with coding simple apps.


I mean, if any of them can build me some simple exe to extract those data from the saves out to text I prolly would be satisfied. I can do the raw comparison if there's no alternative.


Kinda like my thread about modding custom portraits into the game. A neat tool would be nice but if not some simple know-how is no problem.

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