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A Few Questions


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1) Are they going to be able to add a windowed mode to Academagia yr1 or is it something they could only do for yr 2 if they do it at all?


2) Is it possible to have the storyline we are working on moved to the top of the list or at least have the text changed a different color; to make them easier to fine to continue them?


3) Is there a way to get a boyfriend/girlfriend in the game or is it just brief romantic adventures and you never see them again?


4) What are the point of gate spells etc other than say attack people with demons and such. I feel like there is a whole lot more to this game but not sure how to get into it.


5) Can you actually be evil or bad in this game? All the storylines seem focused on helping others. Which do not get me wrong they are great storylines, but I do not see the local bully having to help and rescue every single person who catches his eye. If that makes any sense. I would not playing a bad guy once in a while. One who others need rescuing from. I guess. Like have quests that follow previous actions the more grey the action the darker the results less "please save the animals and more lets break into the Legat's office and recover banish artifacts type quiets. I guess like something that keeps track of the moral of your choices and gives you quests based on that. If you are the intellectual type it throws more cases where you have to solve them intellectually. I pick all these dark histories for my past and here I am building a treehouse and rescuing fluffy bunnies. If you cat my meaning.

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Well helpful if ok once in a while, unless you are a complete sociopath. But I do not know. It would be nice to have the quests that cause the problems you have to solve in the good quests. All of theses things get pushed off on random npcs. Why not make if something you can do yourself?

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