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Random item from event


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I managed to get an item, Wooden Stick from a random event. After identifying it, the action to 'Study Wooden Stick' appeared but after studying i did not get 'An Ancient Grammarian Wand' based on the item text even after it said i succeeded in studying it and the wooden stick was removed from my inventory. I reloaded about 10 times to see but did not manage to get the wand.

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Hmmmm. Can you pm me a link to your save via RapidShare, so that we can take a look? Also, can you verify which version of the content you are using- is it DLC 15?




Doh! I deleted the savegame right after i posted because i thought you could easily ask your programmers to check the trigger for the item >.< And yes i am using DLC 15. No explore option makes me sad though lol.

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