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How do holidays work?


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So, I'm happily ignoring my finals and trying to figure out how holidays work, specifically how they're more or less assigned to a day, and I can't figure it out.


But then I notice for every singly holiday I checked the prerequisite is this:

[Numeric]Prerequisites, Numeric/Relationship/Female/Selection/Joana Lio y Rossollo/Character/Male/Selection/Philippe Marchant = (Value = -98)


What is going on? And how can I make my own date-specific event/holiday?

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Yes! Thank you very much, my eyes must have skimmed right over the calender section and it's good to have a fool-proof safeguard. Now I just have to choose a few students (probably with Malthezar roped in) and create my 'holiday'. More or less they've heard of an old holiday that's fallen out of favor and they're very eager to bring it back. Mostly because it involved giving children gifts. And of course Orsi is entirely to clever.

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