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On Summer Haircuts and Growing Pains

Mr. Riddler

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So, I had this little question running around in my head since forever.


Will the various students recieve new portraits as the years march on? Like.. Let's just say that we're in year three or four, and we're checking on Phillipe Marchant's little info screen, and we look at his portrait. Will he look a shade older? A tad more defined? Perhaps he'll sport an extremely awkward little bit of moustache on an otherwise gracefully aging face?


Will Amanda Kiffer ever cut her hair? Will Prudence Cossins get all the dates? Will Hector never grow up?


These questions have been burning in my mind and I (an admittedly lazy person) have not yet seen an answer one way or the other. Personally, I think it'd be awesome if the portraits gradually changed from year to year. Or even just at the start of year three or four, around when the students are starting to get closer to maturity. Do I think it is necessary for the game to be awesome? No. But it would make it more awesome, and we all know Academagia is ever-bloating with greater glory.


Oh, and I was wondering if there'll be another DLC down the road. I had some adventures that I was writing and, y'know, I was curious if I could put them up..


What do you guys think? Wouldn't it be cool to have a different portrait at the start of each year?

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