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Academagia on Windows 8

Scheherazade, Empress

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Note: I wasn't quite sure where to put this, so I posted in this part of the forum. Sorry in advance if it's not the right one!


Hi everyone!


I was worried that when I bought my new Windows 8 laptop, I would be unable to play Academagia. Those worries were unwarranted on my part.


To ensure I had no problem, I went to: Control Panel -> Troubleshooting -> Under Programs, click Run Programs made for previous versions of Windows -> Select Academagia -> Test the program to make sure it's working (for me it was) -> Save -> Enjoy! :)


I encountered none of the Save problems I had with Windows Vista (yay!) but I must confess that it crashed 3 or 4 times as I was playing (mostly towards the end of the year and when I wanted to reload my saved game because my character got suspended several times). That didn't really bother me because there were no saved issues and for the first time, I actually completed the entire game (the ending of which was rather anticlimactic but overall I still loved the game). *tears of joy*


Now off to play yet another game! XD

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