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The Obligatory Happy ***** holiday thread!


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Well, this is just an off-topic thread anyway, plus christmas is over. I got a hat. :)


I still have hope I'll get to revive an ancient 8088 era PC. Right now I need to get the hardware to cooperate with me, but if I do, then I can look forward to pushing it's 10 Megahertz CPU (on the blazing fast turbo setting), a 10 Megabyte HDD, and 640KB of RAM to the bloody edge! (which is actually the maximum the board itself can support, though I doubt it was assembled with that much and this is in the era when RAM IC chips were usually soldered to the board itself.) All the hardware is no longer supported. No PS/2 devices (it's XT, I'm lucky I have a keyboard for it) No IDE Hard drives (I don't even know the format) And the floppy controller is on a seperate ISA expansion card! The computer is SO simple that I can actually visualize how the entire thing works down to the CPU registers!


Of course I've got to get the ******* thing to boot, first. (that was an actual dirty word) 15+ years of sitting and collecting dust is bad for computers, just so you guys (and girls) know. It gets into the connectors and I'm in the process of giving it a good spring cleaning.





Also, for knowing how to disable hibernation, Adrian will get an invite to the Yummy Chocolate Cake Club! :)

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Well, my first computer was a ~500Mhz AMD-K6, and had Win98. Before that though, I'd had some experience with DOS. Most of it came after, however. :)


I still don't know what they were thinking with Old PCs and the turbo button... Like anyone would leave the turbo button unpressed... Must have been some guy at marketing that came up with that idea. :lol:


This PC's cpu is actually a NEC V20, which is a clone of the 8088, (but faster!) which itself is a cheap version of the 8086, which is the foundation of all modern PC CPUs.

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I once had to clean a computer that hadn't been opened in ten or so years. Dude also had a lot of cats. The inside of it looked as if it had been infested by Skyrim spiders. The dust had been in there for so long it was a thick cloth in some places (fans) and finer than dust in others with cat hair gently wafting in the breeze.


The reason I had to clean it? It was overheating. Even now I wonder how that poor thing was still running. Some people shouldn't own computers.


So, what kind of hat?

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When will parents learn? Gamers like games more than hats saying that we like games! :( It doesn't help that my brother got the same stuff as me but with a different subject matter. I get a hat about games, and he gets one about being "gangsta". *facepalm*


You should have seen some of the computers I've looked at. My grandfather has a pentium 1 that had so much crud in it that it clogged the fans! He had taken the case off "so it can get air." he says that for all his PCs, so that he can "work" on them but he never does. I actually pulled so much dust from that thing you could fill a ziplock bag! Amazingly the heatsink fan still worked and as soon as it was "less dirty" (I got 90% of the dust) It would start spinning. He's a heavy smoker too so everything was tarred yellow. Nasty computer, but at least it doesn't shut down randomly (from overheating) anymore.

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Rather than create a new thread with the same purpose, I am reviving this one.


Fun fact!: This thread was on the 3rd page of threads, showing approximately how deep a thread can get buried in a year.


Happy ***** holiday, everyone!

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A slightly belated merry christmas to you all! Had thought to do some; Go ahead and marry felicitas before someone else does! -kind of gimmic but waited too long and then the holiday cheer just sort of took over and before I knew it I was eating and drinking myself into a stupor... Ah well.


Should I forget I'm wishing the merry bunch gathered here a happy new year as well!

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