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Unable to save or progress???


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Help! I got the game up and running and patched to the current content, but I can't save and I can't get past the first time you reach your calendar.


If I try to save, I hit 'menu' and 'save game' and where the box to type the name of the to be saved game should come up, nothing does. It just goes totally blank and I get an error beep if I click anywhere else on the game window. Same thing if I try to move past the calendar--I hit the button to confirm my schedule and the side box just goes blank and the error beep happens if I click anywhere else.


I don't know what to do. T_T I'm on Windows 7, if that helps?

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Hmmm, that's an unusual one.


If you are saying that you cannot get past the Calendar, the problem is likely that your display settings have been changed from default.


Try this: right click on your Desktop and choose Personalize. In the bottom left, click on Display. Your type size should be 'Smaller', which is the default. Changing it to the default should correct your issue, assuming I've understood you. :)


Let us know, and hope that solves it!

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