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Scheherazade nominated for Best Indie Narrative Game!

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Ok a mini-review here since I;m not sure where else to post it. First of I did tend to play a lot of visual novel-stat raising games with otome elements when I was a bit younger. and recently felt like repeating the experience. I stumbled upon this site by accident several months ago but at the time I couldn't invest in this. So I was curious to try this one out since it looked fairly original. Let me just say...The nomination was a well-earned one. I only managed to get the game very recently and am somewhere in the second travel destination. I just wanted to say that the opinions on this title seem to be very divided because the game is actually fairly complex. I guess some get frustrated with it... And that's why I like it. It offers the fun of exploring the game system. I will eventually crack it haha. For now I am having some challenge in training stats in time for the capers and so that I can in fact do the capers. But I really genuinely love the concept. I think the game gains more with having some many extra challenges; it's not boring like a lot vn-stat raising- games with otome elements tend to be. You add enough random events to maintain some degree of surprise. I also like the execution in terms of visuals and sound. I was really surprised when I tried the demo- and just by the demo I knew I wouldn't regret getting this. I don't buy just any game. I buy games which will offer richer and more comherensive gameplay. This one is one such title I will try academagia someday too. But if it sucks me in like Scheherezade, then that one better wait for some other time. Well done. I also like the characters, they are given more life than in stadard offerings of this type. Nigel is the type I usually prefer and his execution is quite flawless. The writing is really good, as it should be in a project of this kind, they are usually wordy bit not always well written, now this is a pleasure to read through. Sadie herself has a lot of spunk and wit, it's involving to follow her adventures. I like how varied and how numerous the actions are in each individual location in each travel destination. And everything makes coherent sense, has logic. I like how much choice one has with regard to pursuing paths. It's a little gem of a game worth my every penny. Thanks for your hard work, I"m having a great time with it. What's more you're making me interested in playing these kind of games again, and now that's a feat, let me tell you ;-)

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whaaaat? A sequel in the making already? wow, what news for a newbie to hear. so you're saying it;s going to be something akin to quest for glory series system, where the choices/stats chosen by the player transferred over to the next game? I really liked that because it always add such an element of "customization"- so by the next game the character felt "mine". Does that concern the ending paths as well (because "canon" is so "yesterday")? Sounds like a lot of work, if so, but I'll definitely cheer on, because this one is really a lot of fun. Good luck, hard working Black Chicken Studios.


I'll be sure to keep them after I get my ideal game throigh. Until that time I always delete my saves and retry over and over haha. In that case, I challenge myself to complete all paths and endings on each and every of the difficulty modes by the time you complete the sequel. ha! I better hop to it!


But as I say I really enjoy character progression and other characters' progression on their respective paths ( I started a second game play on a new path simultaneously, it's a habit from console games which had two save slots) and the ambience in this one it's just so much fun! The game feels very much alive because it's well written with a lot of wit and well executed.


Good luck! I'll be looking forward to it as a new fan.

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