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high favor gives lvl 1 bonuses


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I'm playing DLC 15 as a Durand student. Got relations with Polisena Briardi to 10 after couple of adventures and called on Favor. Two tries, both times just an increase to max in one of Negation subskills. Parental approval stays the same and nothing else is changed as far as I can see.


I thought it was fixed long time ago?

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Well, Birardi will only improve your Negation Skill Maximum's at level 10, for instance. If that's the result you want (and it probably is, if you're raising it to ten), then you need level ten.


If you just want her to expand your Negation skill, though, she'll do that at level 1 and she'll do that at level 10. She does it a bit better at level ten, but honestly, if you have Professor Birardi at 10, you probably already have pretty decent Negation (or you're a random Vernin student who's very confused about the matter and was off fighting dragons).


At level 9, she can increase your Stress Maximum. She doesn't do that at one, she doesn't do that at ten, she doesn't do that anywhere else on her tables. So if you really wanted that, you'd have to save load for the one in ten chance that's what you got from her.


In general, if you want a certain result from a favor table, you need to save-reload. Which... is why I don't often call in my favor.

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Yeah, I agree with Schwarzbart. Skill maximum increases are incredibly hard to get: favor is really the only way to get them. And 11 in skills often gives attribute bonuses, or allows you to get to eleven in a different skill and get an attribute bonus, or gives you an awesome ability or spell.


I save-reload my favor in order to get skill maximum increases. Relationships are easy to increase; skill maximum increases are basically impossible to get. I'll just boost my relationship back to ten again quick if I need it.


I usually skip so many classes that I'm going to get detention no matter what I do, anyway, so the lower chance doesn't mean much.

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