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Speculations about Y2 subjects


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Some info has been leaked by Legate, like having Tattoos, but it's not much ;)


So, few of my picks:


1. Chimerology. Requires Zoology and Revision. Suitable for Morvidus.


2. Golems. Forge and Enchantment. Vernin.


3. Healing. Brew, Botany, Negation. Durand.


4. Sky Riding. Avila's trick.


Couldn't really think of anything special for Hedi, since social matters are covered very well now, and for Godina only Hollywood-style production comes to mind :)

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Seriously, for Aranaz, I hope we get in to some actual Orthography.


Less seriously, I vote we just make Mastery our required course and go brainwash everyone in the road to power and perfection. It is the simplest and most direct method! And Professor Sixt would be a great teacher for it, I'm sure.




I believe Potions was talked about as a probable year two course, once upon a time.

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So, since we'll be seeing Orthography in Y2 I have a question.


Now, We've been told that under normal circumstances, ink-making subskills would fall under the Brew skill.


Since Orthography has itself been folded into other pillars, will we only learn a bunch of subskills that belong to various different skills? Or does the Academagia still teach it as though it was still a completely unique field of magic?

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Schwarzbart! Only Sentient golems are forbidden!


Regular golems are perfectly legal!


(edit: I don't play the elder scrolls, but from what I just read, "stark reality" would fall under a powerful Glammour or Mastery spell! Hence, [redacted])

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You really have to ask?


Given that it is counted as Alteration and the clothing seems to be destroyed or teleported away (for the player), it is probably Gates. Or revision.









Okay, some guess for future (inane) subjects and (inane) skills.



Pyrotechnics (Glamour/Incantation)


Architecture (Architecture/Many many many skills)


Rangery?* (Wilderness Survival/Zoology)


Conducting (Music/Command/Mastery)


Misanthropy Anthropology?


Weather Forecasting (Astrology/Astronomy)




*No idea what do you call that activity about protecting the nature and endangered animals. I doubt it is Environmentalism.



Bodymaking (Gates/Anatomy/Chichurgery)


Planar Travel (Gates), too soon?


Dreams (Glamour)

Ailens-infested Meteors (Astrology)

Low Tea (Society/Etiquette)

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