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Autumn 1215 Study Plans


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Topic for the Autumn 1215 Study Saison.

The Bjornaer Meeting of 12 years will happening this Saison.

And again please let everyone have one post bevore any discusion start




Study House Bjornaer Lore from the Summae till its time to travel to Crintera (He probably miss 3 Exp by then for 4)

Clean up lab!!!

leave the Covenant for a extended time or ever when he leaves for the meeting at Crintera



Join the covenant at the end of the Autumn




Work for his Home Covenant in Barcelona

Only get Exposure Exp

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Makara will study the Covenant book The Secrets of the City or just go for initiation on his path if he can find a mystagogoe.

Fishy and Momo will keep swimming and naps/watching someone interesting. Both ready for adventuring or help out Makara gather more information about the Covenant.


Edit: Momo pratice social skill 4 xp

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Baruch will in fact learn two new spells, after having needed them several times on adventures: The aura of rightful authority (ReMe 20) and The call to slumber (ReMe10). He can just barely learn both in a single season, since we have the lab texts.


Taitale will teach his children and get back up to speed on the data his children have gathered on the city's movement and stellar bodies, gets exposure.

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Are we on Autumn? I don't know where we are.


Amaranth really needs to get around to fixing that arcane sympathy link with the blooded fabric to the possible pirates- I'd like her to get that done as soon as possible so it's not hanging over her head for Antonious to kill her over. When she's done with that, I guess she'll just read, because she doesn't have a lab.


:( :( :( :(

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We just finished CJ's adventure which was in (late) summer, if I recall. If Aiden can get a lab though, then surely you can too. Perhaps arguing that there now is a precidence for it and that you could do more good with a lab than without. Also the connection might be improved with a lab of your own, and this would perhaps benefit Antonius in the end? :P



Just to be sure I understand, you can learn multiple spells if your lab total exceeds the level of spells you are learning? (As in, is book learning basicly the same as learning from a teacher, but with yourself as the teacher?)

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@Mikka next session is end of Autumn so you all already have what you learned here unless you absolut want to go for adventure exp.

For your Lab you need to spend 2 Saisons to set it up. As fare I rember you got the right by now to set up a Lab.

@Adrian yes if you study on your own they just have to use the same Technique and Form. But keep in mind that if you want to invent a new spell your limit is 1/2 you lab totall to invent it in one saison.

For Multiple Lab Activites read ArM5 102, for learning from Teacher or Inventing Spells read ArM5 95 and for use Labtexts read ArM5 101/102

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@Adrian When you use Lab texts you can add them up to a maximum of your lab totall but all have to be of the same Technique and Form.

So lets say your ReCo Lab is 32

you can the learn from our Cavenant Books in 1 Saison

a ) Seven-League Stride ReCo30


b ) Rise of the Feathery Body ReCo10 + The Tireless Flight ReCo20 (at last as a mutantum Mage)

because the sum of all the spells is less then your Lab total and all Spells are the same Technique & Form.

But i.e.

The Leap of Homecoming ReCo35

cant be Learned as it is beyond your Lab Total

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