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[Request] Replay the game with the same character


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Hi everyone,


So, i wondering is it possible to replay year 1 with the same character.

Carrying over your final attributes, abilities, and skill levels in various skills.


The reason is so we can play the adventures and events without worrying about skill level.


Basically, playing for stories instead of grinding.


Thanks :)

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I don't think this is in any way possible, just from goofing off with the engine. I imagine that would take a serious hack, and I don't think any of us have the abilities to do that. We can't even figure out how to get a print out of our abilities at the end of the game, much less how to repeat a save file.


One thing you could do (and has been done, though I can no longer find the link) is use a cheat mod that allows you to start with say, ten in your attributes and that gives you abilities to raise your skills by five steps at a time. That would allow you to concentrate solely on stories and adventures, though I personally think it would make the game a lot less fun.

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