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Planed Actions / Hocks worth a Chat Story


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I think it would be great to get a collection here in the Forum what you Chars want to do in the next vew ingame years and what would be wort of a Story from CJ our main GM or one of the side GMs.

If the char dont have his unique storys it would be good if you still can post reasons why he would like to join a adventure.

Especial for the Mages its important to have some reason why they want to leave the covenant for a adventure as they have the tendency to not come out of theyr lab.

For my chars it would be the following:


Dirk: Visit the Hyperborean Quarter in look for a forge-companion and learn from the mundane elders there why it got this name. (With a side goal to find Apollo worshiper)

Dirk: Visit the Verditius Contest Summer 1216

Dirk: Study old Apollo tempel when the posibility arrise

Dirk: Find a way to avoid Hubris when initating in the inner Verditus Secrets

Dirk: Finding a Woodpeaker, Monkey or Beaver of Virtue with positive Int as Familiar not bevore Winter 1216 (push this behind by at last 1 year because of the vis requirement)

Dirk: Visit Nuernberg again to get future educated/initated into the Fraternity of Samos.

Dirk: (Lab activities) Learn Teaching to 2 bevore taking a Apprentice to be able to teach 2 Students at the same time for 15 exp per saison (Only falid if I get the OK from CJ for the char as he is now)

Dirk: (Lab activities) Learn the basics in all Forms (5) and enough Parma Magica so he can take a Apprentice


Ramon: join any adventure that involves traveling and have the chance to increase his reputation by the Redcap and or the Mages at the Covenant of Ivory and Jade.

Ramon: Find out if there is a chance in increasing within the Redcap when full joining the Covenant of Ivory and Jade and still be able to be away for 2 full saisons.

Ramon: Problems with Sedala when he want to stay for more then a full saison at one place

Ramon: Deliver or Pick up something doing his job as Redcap

Ramon: He have the favors flaw to a mage who suported him with Sedala (right now it is not set who this mage is)

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Gustbran is interested mostly in hanging Stephan's head from some high place, but would accept a simple spear-stab in lieu of that. :)


After that I imagine he'd be pretty much retired having completed the family duty and being fairly old. Of course the leader of the knights of Malta was 70 during the famous siege so I can still see him kicking ass for quite the while provided he doesn't find his way into a dragon's stomach. :)


Aiden is a very antisocial person who doesn't care much for social norms and the like. Think of a combination of Morrigan from Dragon Age but less snarky and Tingle from Legend of Zelda but with actual fairy-ness. (that's quite a scary combination, actually)


He would probably do his own thing researching fae stuff and useful spells (as he can't spont stuff) unless prodded into action by someone else. Probably why he was not especially liked in Nigrasaxa :)

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Makara: It's Criamon's philosophy to help people.

Makara: Master the mystery path.

Makara: Study and unveil the secret of our covenant.

Makara: Look up the local pagan religion to see if it's worth joining.

Makara: ???

Makara: Profit.


Momo: I make a deal with Makara to saves as many people as possible, so I will go if lives is at stake.

Momo: Sunbath under sun. Find good food.

Momo: Secret higher purpose.


Fishy: Fishy~~

Fishy: Fishhhhyyy~~~


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Baruch: Get Arts high enough to take on an apprentice (not too exciting-adventurous :)

Baruch: Is kind of a goody-two-shoes, so help those in trouble or need.

Baruch: Learn to stand up to Octavianus, or develop some more spine in general, or else just reconcile with Octavianus to a degree.

Baruch: Somewhere pretty low on the priority list and far out in the future is to get good enough with Auram to do some badass original research on that.


Taitale: Learn how & according to which logic the city moves. Find the secret library and apparatus that can help (he thinks). Taitale has been working on this for a long time already.

Taitale: Find a way to move better, maybe get the magi to help with that (surprisingly urgent - didn't realize how limiting the cripple flaw on a companion would be).

Taitale: Charm some ladies.

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Silas: Learn some basic spells properly (as in, not having to spont. every useful spell that he ought to have known.)

Silas: Keep rising Mentem, Rego and Intellego.

Silas: Keep the charms up on Edith.

Silas. Help the poor mundanes whenever mages make too much of a fuss.


Adrian: Make an alt so Silas can progress with his academic research.

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To show why I put this up here a example:

Dirk want to visit the Hyperborean Quarter for different reasons i.e learn about its past

Makara want to uncover secrets of the Covenant

Taitale want to find the secret library and apparatus that can help understand the movement of the city.

So this 3 can put together to a adventure to learn more about our covenant and direct adress the wish of 3 players.

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