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Upcoming events (House Meetings, Tribunals ect), adventures a player want to have or a side GM want to do.


1217 Summer or later Dirk want to look for a possible Herbam Familiar with positive Int (Woodpecker, Beaver or Monkey)

1221 Spring Rhine Tribunal (Dirk probably have to show up there)

1221 Winter Stonehenge Tribunal (most of the young mages of our covenant have to apear there)

1227 Spring Rhine Tribunal (1 year earlyer then normal because of the Grand Tribunal)

1227 Autumn Bjornaer Gattering of the 12 years

1228 Winter Stonehenge Tribunal (Also shifted like the Rhine Tribunal because of the Grand Tribunal?)

1228 ??? Grand Tribunal


This list is short so fare but I will add other events as soon I learn about them

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Past Events


linked Historic Events can be found here:






1214 Spring Rhine Tribunal, Dirk Gauntlet

1214 Winter Stonehenge Tribunal, Gauntlet Adventure & Asset recovery trip

1215 Spring Airship attack

1215 Autumn Bjornaer Gattering of the 12 years (Class leaved the covenant)

1215 Summer Paris visit & Nunnery by Night

1215 Autumn Nuernberg

1216 Spring The dancing, hopping hiccup plague

1216 Summer The Hyperborean Rebels

1216 Summer Verditius Contest wasn't visited by any player

1216 end of Autumn Ending chapter of the Dragon Aweakening

1217 end of Autumn Barcelona Trip

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Adventure Quest Log

Gauntlet Adventure:
Year: Winter 1214
Read Log: One to Twelve
Plot Character: All Mage Players
Plot Antagonist: Drakes
Objective: Bring all apprentice to the Stonehenge for gauntlet.
Quest Status: Completed. All apprentice has been gauntleted.

Artifact Boat Recovery:
Year: Winter 1214
Read Log: Fourteen and Fifteen
Plot Character: Aiden, Chicken king
Plot Antagonist: White Chicken Guard, Search dogs
Objective: Recover lost artifact flying boat.
Quest Status: Completed. Recovered boat, recruited Aiden, and a flock of chickens joined.

Airship Attack:
Year: Spring 1215
Read Log: Thirteen
Plot Character: Covenant's Defense
Plot Antagonist: Unknown airship of mages
Objective: A cloud-disguised airship is spying us.
Quest Status: Probably complete. We dealt some damage to it and they escaped via teleporation. Got their blood for Arcane Connection.

Paris Mishap:
Year: Summer 1215
Read Log: Thirteen and Sixteen
Plot Character: High Class Inn Owner, Momo
Plot Antagonist: Prankster Student Mage
Objective: Have fun at Paris.
Quest Status: Completed. Accidentally killed a student prankster and resolved.

Stolen Crown of Anglia plot:
Year: Winter 1214 - ?
Read Log: nine, Seventeen and Eighteen
Plot Characters: Anna, Edith's, Brother Gui, Gustbran and Arabella
Plot Antagonist: Stephen Langton, Stephen Eruditus, Drake, Dragon.
Objective: Save Europe.
Quest Status: In progress. Rescued Edith, Gui, Arabella and Gustbran.

Nuremberga Market
Year: Autumn 1215
Read Log: Nineteen and Twenty
Plot Characters: Dirk the Verditius mage
Plot Antagonist: None
Objective: Shopping and get Dirk back to our Covenant.
Quest Status: Completed. Failed to find faerie shop for faerie powder. Gustbran got high quality spearhead.

Dancing Curse
Year: Spring 1216
Read Log: Twenty-one
Plot Characters: Citizen of City of Ivory and Jade, and all who is affected by the curse.
Plot Antagonist: Unknown
Objective: Every started dancing! Find some way to fix it!
Quest Status: Completed. Obtained the moss that can remove the curse.

Calpurnia and Troll
Year: Spring 1216
Read Log: Twenty-one
Plot Characters: Calpurnia, Momo
Plot Antagonist: Cave Troll
Objective: Momo traded Calpurnia for a Faerie Horn with the Cave Troll.
Quest Status: In progress. Calpurnia won a riddle contest and now the troll belongs to her.

The Missing Light
Year: Summer 1216
Read Log: Twenty Two, Twenty-Three and Twenty-Four, and Twenty-Five
Plot Characters: Missing Grogs
Plot Antagonist: Apollo worshipers
Objective: Investigate the missing grogs and the uncertain ties with the worshipers of Apollo.
Quest Status: Partially completed. Investigated the missing people house, fight off a few rebels, leader escaped, and we set up a new Apollo church that's hopefully more friendly.

The Statue To An Unknown Goddess
Year: Not stated
Plot Characters: None
Plot Antagonist: Unknown
Objective: Find the other three statues of the unknown goddess.
Quest Status: Uninvolved

The Chariot of Calanthus
Year: Not stated
Plot Characters: None
Plot Antagonist: Unknown
Objective: The possible return of Calanthus.
Quest Status: Uninvolved

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