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Aftermath of Nunnery by night


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As CJ didnt found time to answear our posts and we haved other discusions afterwards in the same thread I put all things together here.

If you have other questions/mentions please post here so we can bring them up to CJ tomorrow bevore my adventure.


OK, you fly home with one monk (Brother Gui), two nuns on the run (Sister Arabella and Sister Anna). Once you get back to the covenant what arranges are you making fort them?


Any questions you want to ask them?

cj x


To all 3 "What are your plans now and what do you know about the Prophecy"

To the couple "I suggest that you stay for at last 1 saison bether 1 year at the covenant and make your self usefull bevore we bring you down so some grass is growing over your escape."

Class makes sure all his belongings are still in the boat bevore we leave

Also Gustbran get +9 to recovery for 1 Month for all that helps in recovery from his light wound


@Arabella: How she feels about Archmage Stephan. Why she was forced into the nunnery (I know Edith made some mention, but better get it from the pretty horse's mouth I suppose). If she knows what Archmage Stephan wants with the crown. If she knows that dragons have begun awakening, most likely due to the crown not being buried. If she wants to help rebury it.


@Gui: ...


@Anna: I'm glad you are out! Did you talk to your sister? - she was worried about you. Are you happy with Gui? /if yes then @Guil: Grats man. Also don't look at other women or they (Anna and Edith) will gut you, just saying. / Do you know if we stepped on anyone *really* important's toes today?



Letting them stay a year sounds like a good idea, or they can start anew somewhere else entirely, or even in the city if they can find a place to stay.


Anna: "Why did you and Gui try to run? Why were you put into the nunnery in the first place?"



Arabella: "Do you know what Stephen's plan is? What does he want with all this?"

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Also: Arabella is an apprentice without a master who has already had her arts opened, right? Could Baruch apprentice-snatch her, legally and magically speaking, if she were willing?


If so, Baruch will try to assess her apprentice assets - smarts, personality, hermetic age and such - while he and the others are talking to her. If he concludes she might make for an apprentice, he'll suggest he would be willing to take her from Stephen and protect her against him.

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What Arabella finally tells you about Stephen of Jerbiton


Arabella says she was originally from a French family, from Compiegne, near Paris. Her father is a knight and High Official at the French Court; she seems cagey about his name. He is known to be part of the Louis the Dauphin's party: there is according to Arabella some tension between Prince Louis and his father, King Phillipe Augustus. Prince Louis is keen to invade England however, as everybody knows. The Pope has forbidden it, and King Phillipe has forbidden it, but Phillipe probably does not mean it. The argument may just be for show.


Arabella has no idea - her father put her in a nunnery when she was 12 years old, because of the strange things that happened around her. She saw visions, and had glimpses of secrets she should not know. She was only in the convent a few weeks, before she climbed over the wall and ran away.


Finding her self in Paris, she was taken in by the mysterious King of the Beggars, Anacrôn the Grand Coësre. He taught her of the Order of Hermes, and revealed to her that she had The Gift.


She was astonished to learn that he, the ruler of the Parisian slums and criminal classes was also a powerful magus, and she terrified of him, feared that he would take her as an apprentice. He did not, instead it seems negotiating with contacts the Royal Court (of France, not Anacrôn's beggars court). Eventually she was introduced to Brother Gui, a special agent for Archbishop Stephen Langton of Canterbury.


Stephen Langton was educated at Paris University, and is a personal friend of both Luis the Dauphin and Phillipe Augustus.


When he was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury King John went in to a rage, because firstly his preferred candidate for the position was not given it, and secondly because he felt the Pope had conferred a traitor and friend of his enemies upon him as Archbishop. Stephen Langton was forced to flee in to exile - it is after all only about forty years since St. Thomas Becket was murdered on behalf of King John's father, King Henry, no matter how inadvertently.


Anyway Brother Gui was an agent of the Archbishop in exile, and was tasked with the special task of delivering a sealed letter from Archbishop stephen Langton to Archmagus Stephen Eruditus of Jerbiton, along with Arabella. He therefore crossed the English Channel and took Arabella to Libellus.


On the way the couple became almost friends, though Arabella seems rather dismissive of Brother Gui who is clearly quite impressed by her. She also did not have much time for Edith, who she knew as the jumped up peasant daughter of the head of the guard, ie. a complete nobody of no manners and very plain looks. Arabella does like Anna, but Anna they only really got to know each other whileplotting their escape from Borley convent - an escape bid cut short by your rescue mission - they were going to sneak out the next week, using the secret passage that emerges under the Church.


Brother Gui then went off to Bures to set up a chapel with two other monks in the spot where kIng Edmund was croned, and pray for that Saints blessing on behalf of Stephen Langton. Arabella spent seasons studying under Stephen Eruditus of Jerbiton. She was party to his researches of the burial places of the three crowns of Anglia, and knows that while the crowns are all in place no foreign army can ever invade England. She knows Stephen Langton ordered Stephen Eruditus to remove the crowns, all if possible, and that Brother Gui was to offset the Curse of Saint Edmund by building a chapel at Bures on his coronation site to appease the Saint. Stephen Eruditus did not tell her this, and Brother Gui did not even know - the letter was sealed. Now, she just happened to read the letter, ok, she stole it and read it! When Stephen found out, he dismissed her, and had her imprisoned in Borley Convent. She was actually surprised he did not kill her - she knows the archbishop is guilty of high treason!


She has pieced the rest together from what Anna told her. Eventually Stephen Eruditus worked out that the Crown was guarded by a local family, and that his guard captain (Anna and Edith's father) was the custodian of the crown. Stephen knew where it was, but for some reason could not manage to dig it up! Eventually he used mental magic to persuade the old man to dig it up - and Anna was horrified and rushed off to join Borley Convent, to try and offset the curse her father had brought upon the family. Edith just got really angry, and her dad - well he was warped by the spells needed to make him comply with the request to dig up the crown, and changed... Arabella can not say how, but she shudders. Of course soon after he was killed by a drake. By that time Stephen Eruditus had travelled to the Stonehenge Tribunal meeting, taking the crown with him. And there Edith tried to make him carry out his promise to her father: that if the digging up of the crown brought ruin upon them, that he would rebury it.


Of course Stephen turned Edith in to a mouse instead. smile.gif


And of course, I forgot to mention - Arabella is terrified of Taitale, and will not be in the same building as him if she can help it, and appears physically frightened of him. It's start to worry Brother Gui, who has mentioned that maybe folks should not trust Taitale, though he admits he can't get out of Arabella what is wrong - but something clearly is, very badly!

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Arabella has never revealed Stephen's plan, because she does not understand it. She was with him as his apprentice at a meeting with a strange woman, and tried to listen in to their conversation, but apart from realising the woman spoke with a Northern English accent (the conversation was in Latin) she did not really understand much of what was said. Soon after she tried to tale a look at Stephen's correspondence after a Redcap dropped a number of coded messages off, and soon found herself in the nunnery.

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